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RM Online Information Analysis

Ensuring that your organization is meeting upper management goals and objectives is never an easy task. RM Online fully supports your information needs, making it simpler to attain goals and keep managers and subordinates well informed.

  • RM Online Information Analysis reduces the amount of time you spend tracking your Unmatched Disbursements (UMDs) and your Negative Unliquidated Obligations (NULOs).
  • With RM Online you can track the execution of civilian manpower and integrate data with your budget for current and out years.
  • RM Online enables you to apply your organization's business rules to your budget to gain a better picture of your goals and objectives.
  • Stop errors before they occur by enforcing your organization's guidelines and rules.

You can also create custom reports from DFAS 218 monthly accounting data to analyze spending actuals. This makes this module a year-round financial information application that will vastly reduce the time you spend managing resources.

User Friendly Operation

With the Information Analysis functions you reduce the time and effort spent searching for data while increasing the time available for productive analysis and executive level decisions. Not only will you save time and effort, you'll accomplish your mission and support your organization with the best DoD resource management tool available today.

Systems Features

  • Access to data from various DFAS and service legacy systems
  • Powerful reporting capabilities that enable you to view data from a macro level down to a very detailed level
  • Support for all levels of your organizational hierarchy, including
    • department
    • major command
    • major subordinate command
    • installation
    • activity
  • Easy to use point-and-click applications

System Functions

  • Compare direct dollars, end strength and work years against organizational plans
  • Enforce your organization's business rules across all levels
  • Select and view specific reports that have been designated as executive level
  • Analyze the data against established organizational business rules and present the data in predetermined templates
  • Present data in automatically generated charts and graphs
  • Analyze your plan versus actuals across your entire organization
  • Enable users to extract pertinent financial information, build quick and efficient reports and then share that data within the organization

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