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RM Online Features and Benefits

RM Online's rich functionality delivers greater control and efficiency to the resource management process. No one else offers a more complete resource management system. Here is a quick overview of what RM Online offers you

Feature Function Benefit
Integrated Database View all data by organization and sub-organization Gain greater control and visibility over your budget planning process at all levels
Flexible Design Integrates with your enterprise systems and adapts to changing business processes Leverage data from other systems including accounting systems and rely on a system that grows to fit your processes
Real Time Data Allows access to current, accurate data Make informed decisions based on accurate, trustworthy data
Transaction-Based Tracks unlimited updates and changes with full text support for justifications Easily audit your current and past budgets and protect data integrity
Highly Automated Coordinates workflow pulls/pushes system interfaces and creates "What If" budgets Decrease time operating the system and increase time analyzing information
Analytical Tools Run flexible queries and standard reports Make fact-based management decisions and use resources more efficiently
Controlled Processes Managers and regulators define the business rules that control how subordinate organizations build their budgets Reduce time reworking subordinate budgets that don't meet requirements
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