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RM Online Budget Management

Budget formulation and execution are complex tasks of high strategic importance. RM Online offers you a better way to manage critical budget processes. CACI designed and government owned, RM Online was built from the ground up to support the PPBE process. We understand your language, strategic objectives and daily tasks.

RM Online reduces time and effort spent searching for and consolidating data, and automates much of the PPBE process. This enables you to respond quickly to data calls with minimal effort, gives you more time to analyze data and offers you the information you need to quickly make informed decisions. Not only will you streamline processes - you'll be better equipped to accomplish your mission and support your organization.

System Features

  • Web-based platform that can be securely accessed from anywhere, at anytime
  • User friendly navigation and on-screen instructions
  • Data validation at the point of entry based on up-to-date reference tables
  • Smart pick lists that offer relational information according to your last selection
  • Automated data imports that eliminate duplication of data
  • A single user ID and password for all RM Online modules
  • A single relational database that ensures data integrity
  • Integration between modules and legacy systems that allows you to conduct affordability analyses, track actuals to budget and more

System Functions

  • Formulate and submit a nine-year budget
  • Develop and issue budget guidance and policy
  • Determine the annual obligation plan within Total Obligation Authority (TOA) controls
  • Coordinate the preparation of the Budget Estimate Submission (BES) and the President's Budget Submission
  • Manage and control the Program Budget Decision (PBD) process and prepare daily status reports
  • Develop a monthly obligation plan and monitor performance against that plan
  • Create, distribute, approve and submit Funding Allowance Documents (FADs)
  • Run "What If" scenarios quickly and easily, and then submit the version of your choice
  • Perform automated year-end close out based on data in the system
  • Submit schedules, reports, unfinanced requirements and decrement transactions
  • Consolidate, sort and filter data with a few mouse clicks

Status of Funds screen

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