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RM Online Budgeting Needs Checklist

Take a moment to check which statements apply to your situation. The more checks, the higher your level of need to employ RM Online.

I juggle multiple spreadsheets from subordinate organizations and spend a lot of time combining them manually.

I have the ability to completely automate the entire PPBE cycle.

I can compare my plan versus actuals (obligations) at any level of my organization at any given time.

I would achieve more efficiency with a complete and standardized view of all the budget information throughout my entire organization.

I spend an inordinate amount of time tracking your Unmatched Disbursements (UMDs) or your Negative Unliquidated Obligations (NULOs).

I can track the execution of civilian manpower and integrate data with my budget.

I can apply my organization's business rules to gain a better picture of goals and objectives.

Budget formulation and execution information is efficiently shared across the organization, and our current process enables easy collaboration and communication.

I can enforce guidance and organizational rules from the top down, as well as determine access rights by individual user and organizational group.

I spend hours locating information for upper management or accommodating internal reporting requests.

I want an easier way to build, modify, review and submit Schedule 8s and authorization documents throughout my organizational hierarchy.

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