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RM Online Resource Management

CACI RM Online Resource Management

RM Online is the web-based, integrated resource management system for budgeting, manpower and personnel. Whether you're in the civilian or defense sector of the federal government, RM Online will help you leverage the full value of your complex resource management processes.

The result? You'll formulate and execute your resources more effectively and accurately than ever before.

CACI RM OnlineThe RM Online Advantage

  • Produce more accurate budgets and manning documents with less manual data entry and manipulation
  • Eliminate time consuming and error prone spreadsheet manipulations
  • View summary and detailed sub-budgets and manning documents
  • Run "What If" scenarios to determine the impact of budget/manpower adjustments
  • Interface with federal systems to track plans to actual obligations
  • Use built in reporting tools to quickly identify discrepancies
  • Seamlessly integrate manpower documents, spaces and faces with budget
  • Enjoy cleaner audits due to system enforced business rules and audit trails

RM Online Supports Collaboration During the PPBE Process

Commercial off-the-shelf programs simply can't measure up. RM Online wins hands down in power, price and performance.

  • Highly Flexible - the RM Online system can adapt to meet changing processes through the years
  • Proven - RM Online has a track record of success and an extremely high level of customer satisfaction
  • Unbeatable Price - you already own RM Online and will never pay for a license
  • Full Integration - RM Online integrates with any accounting system and has a single, integrated database
  • Enterprise Reach - the system is used by everyone from commanders to analysts across the globe
  • Web-Based - RM Online is easily accessed through a secure web browser, with access rights determined by your policies
  • Secure - RM Online ensures high data integrity in a secure computing environment
  • Critical Compliance - the system was designed to support the CFO and Clinger-Cohen acts

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