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Reengineer Existing Systems Quickly and Affordably – With RENovate

Find out more on how CACI RENovate can help you!

RENovate proven safe, reliable and predictableThanks to RENovate you can benefit from the advantages of a new system without starting from scratch. These advantages include embracing ERP solutions, open architectures, more advanced applications and ease of support, to name just a few. RENovate delivers these benefits, while letting you preserve the investment in your existing system.

Compared to building an all new system, RENovate can cut software development costs by as much as 50%, while giving you a reengineered system in as little as half the time. Plus, you'll avoid the difficulties inherent in implementing a completely new system – the cost, disruption and risk. All with a proven, reliable methodology that gives you the power to take advantage of new technologies to meet your critical business needs.

Proceed Confidently With RENovate's Proven, Reliable Process

RENovate has been proven time and again to be safe, reliable and predictable. Its results have been measured, confirmed and consistently repeated in a wide range of projects and environments. Additionally, RENovate received a high score on the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model.

Using RENovate the changes to your systems can be made with low risk. It's possible because RENovate preserves proven business logic, utilizes repeatable reengineering processes and modernizes systems incrementally.

Perhaps most importantly, you'll know what to expect with RENovate. Right up front you'll get precise and reliable information about what it will take to complete your new systems – including specific costs, schedules and milestones to completion.

Get the System You Want – Whatever Your Current Environment

While the RENovate process is highly disciplined, its application is extremely flexible. You can

  • Migrate from any starting environment to any targeted one, including web-based architectures
  • Add relational databases, off-the-shelf products and other new technologies
  • Exploit the latest system design techniques, including object oriented and information engineering
  • Integrate your renovated systems into open environments

Legacy Systems and New Business Processes

If your legacy systems need to be realigned to new and changing business process, RENovate includes a rigorous business process analysis and redesign methodology to address this challenge. Our business process redesign methodology includes innovative approaches and tools such as our SIMPROCESS business modeling and simulation product. They assist in analyzing, measuring, experimenting and redesigning of business processes to drive new requirements for the RENovate software reengineering task.

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