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A Few of Our Clients Who Have Benefited From RENovate

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RENovate Value While CACI is reengineering your systems you can also take advantage of interlocking solutions we offer to gain additional business and technology benefits.

CACI can help safeguard the data in your newly reengineered system. Our information assurance solutions deliver data integrity, security and availability at every point along your network, minimizing threats to data while maximizing its quality and availability.

Federal Aviation Administration

CACI redesigned and rewrote the Central Altitude Reservation Function (CARF) application for the FAA. This system provides airspace usage and reservation information for military operations in U.S. national airspace.

The new system uses a client/server architecture and integrates powerful new COTS products, including geographic information systems. The result is greatly enhanced usability and accuracy, together with a much improved user interface and flight conflict resolution capability.

Defense Finance and Accounting Service

Using three-tiered client/server technologies, CACI has reengineered a system that manages industrial accounting associated with maintenance processes and systems. The project involved rewriting two tightly integrated Navy applications to act as a single system for the entire DoD.

Benefits include standardized industrial accounting functions across all the military services and an open systems architecture that provides maximum flexibility for future enhancement.

Blue Cross/Blue Shield of Oregon (BCBSO)

Because of the slow speed of their system, BCBSO was only able to handle 10,000 claims a day electronically. The rest of the claims had to be processed manually at an average additional cost of $2 per claim.

Using RENovate the CACI project team reengineered their system to accommodate the processing of an additional 8000 to 10,000 claims per day. This project won the Application Development Trends 1994 Innovator Award in Existing Systems Redevelopment.

Combat Ammunition System (CAS)

CACI reengineered four legacy Air Force logistics systems supporting munitions tracking and control into one GCSS-AF Integrated Framework (IF) application. This system provides total asset visibility to the Air Force via the web. CAS was the delivered using RENovate in a spiral release schedule and was the first Level 4 (fully compliant) GCSS-AF IF application.

The new system uses a J2EE architecture and integrates the services of the GCSS-AF IF to include the Enterprise Service Bus (ESB). The result is greatly enhanced usability and accuracy, together with a much improved user interface. The implementation of GCSS-AF IF allowed the retirement of legacy servers and allowed munitions managers to focus on the mission.

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