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RENovateSM Benefits

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Benefit From New Technologies – Without Replacing Your Existing System

RENovate UsersRENovate is a proven reengineering methodology developed by CACI. Since 1989 it's been used to reengineer older systems to new technologies, including CASE, RDBMS, client/server and object oriented, web-based 4GLs and new languages. The result is an open systems environment that's easier to maintain as well as more functional, flexible and reliable.

RENovate is a tool-based process that assists software engineers in decomposing the old system – both data and business processes – and documenting the decomposition in a CASE and/or 4GL development environment. Inconsistencies between systems and business processes are corrected and outdated functionality is removed. Finally, the system is regenerated with an eye toward reusable components, new design techniques and new technologies.

No matter what type of environment you start with you'll receive a solidly engineered system that can easily evolve with future technologies – far more quickly, affordably and safely than migrating to a completely new system.

CACI also provides an integrated way to use your existing, standalone
databases – so you can work with their data in one open environment
without rebuilding a whole new infrastructure.

See Your People and Systems Evolve Together

Reengineering your system with RENovate is only part of the process. The other keys are you and your staff. From start to finish we work actively with

  • Management to be sure that we adhere to your vision and strategies
  • Technical staff to help them prepare for the new environment
  • Operations staff to ensure the systems meet their needs.

The result is updated systems that meet all your goals... plus people who are confident and competent in using your new technology.

RENovate Benefits

  • Faster, safer and more predictable than developing all new systems
  • Follows a highly defined, mature process
  • Tells you exactly what's involved before you start
  • Migrates any existing environment to any target environment, including web enabled applications
  • Frees you to add functionality and new technologies
  • Involves, supports and trains your personnel
  • Delivers a reengineered system that's easier and cheaper to maintain
  • Positions you to evolve with future technologies
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