Mission Support

State of the Art Technology

CACI uses the latest techniques in artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive logistics to provide our customers with the asset lifecycle data they need, when they need it. CACI optimizes product operational availability, minimizes acquisition, maintenance, and delivery costs, and helps customers minimize waste by making better decisions.

Our company is also a leader in geospatial analysis and situational awareness. The Mobile Awareness GEOINT Environment (MAGE) is a situational awareness and collaboration platform utilized during live operations. It is a secure, multi-platform mobile application providing simple but powerful location tracking and reporting capabilities. MAGE users can take geotagged pictures, audio, or video, and use those media files to update entries and instantly share that information with team members.

Furthermore, CACI supports high-priority missions through precision signals geolocation. We have expertise with systems that utilize time/frequency difference of arrival (TDOA/FDOA). These solutions enable a small group of coherent sensors to provide nearly instantaneous location estimates for signals of interest, making them especially impactful to our customers’ missions.

Additionally, our end-to-end supply chain management programs help our customers manage and optimize their supply chain as an integrated ecosystem. For example, CACI manages, maintains, and innovates the United States Department of Agriculture’s (USDA) Web-Based Supply Chain Management (WBSCM) system. WBSCM is an integrated, internet-based commodity acquisition, distribution, and tracking system. WBSCM supports domestic and international food/nutrition programs administered by the USDA.

CACI also provides essential litigation and investigative support to our federal customers. CACI’s Operation Facility (COF) is built to support and host Federal government eDiscovery requirements. By eliminating the need to use multiple environments, we help deliver faster turnaround of eDiscovery projects and with higher overall quality. And CACI’s Digital Forensics Laboratory is one of three International Organization for Standardization (ISO) accredited private labs in the U.S. that provide specialized data recovery, rapid evidence analysis, secure evidence preservation, and more to the Federal government.