Mission Support

Unmatched Expertise

CACI’s mission is to provide a trained and ready workforce to support national and homeland security organizations which protect the Nation against conventional and asymmetric threats.

We provide deep expertise in mission operations support and services that leverages evolving technologies. And we apply our intellectual and organizational agility to support missions from discrete tailored operations through global enterprise operations.

Our workforce is adept and experienced in conducting routing, crisis or combat operations across all continents. We are a global workforce that provides expertise that encompasses the ability to track and disposition a discrete, specific target on one end of the operational continuum, and also operate within and against enterprises, social or technical, at the other end of the operational continuum.

Additionally, CACI supports mission readiness with state-of-the-art training, custom learning, and workforce development across the joint interagency, intergovernmental, multinational, Department of Defense (DoD), and other Federal agencies. We deliver live, virtual-constructive and e-Learning solutions in all modes, mediums, and complexities, including in classroom, simulator, augmented and virtual reality, and personal instruction and coaching. And we design our training to improve performance, enhance workforce capabilities, and increase productivity, as well as deliver scalable, on-demand training to meet DoD requirements for mission readiness and effectiveness. Our difference is our people. Our teams draw from years of industry and prior military experience to deliver expertise with the flexibility and rapid responses demanded by our customers.

CACI also optimizes product operational availability, minimizes acquisition, maintenance and delivery costs, and helps customers minimize waste by making better product life-cycle management decisions. By using the latest techniques in artificial intelligence (AI) and predictive logistics, we provide our customers with the asset life-cycle data they need, when they need it. Our teams helped the Naval Sea Systems Command reorganize the entire waterfront maintenance community into Regional Maintenance Centers. The effort has provided significant long-term savings from reduced life-cycle costs and increased efficiencies.

CACI’s expertise also extends to our litigation and investigative support teams. Our company is an industry-leading provider of Federal background investigations. Our investigators serve as the first line of defense to protect national security. They conduct high-quality background investigation interviews and record checks to determine the suitability of current and prospective Federal employees, contractors, and military personnel for security clearances. And CACI’s Operation Facility is built to support and host Federal government eDiscovery requirements. By eliminating the need to use multiple environments CACI helps deliver faster turnaround of eDiscovery projects and with higher overall quality.