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2. Requisition Processing - This module is used for

  • Entering new requisitions
  • Updating requisitions
  • Processing backorders
  • Recording or reversing issues
  • Obtaining FedEx information or printing FedEx shipping labels
  • Reprinting DD1348-1 shipping documents
  • Processing MILSTRIP responses to requisition follow-ups and requisition cancellation requests

LSS Menu 1

3. Component Processing - This module is used for

  • Returning components from maintenance
  • Modifying component serial numbers
  • Processing retrograde receipts
  • Listing missing SRA components from WRAs received
  • Receiving missing SRA components for WRAs previously processed with missing SRAs
  • Matching due-ins to unclaimed carcasses

LSS Menu 2

4. Maintain Inventory - This module is used for

  • Posting receipts (both manually and using bar coding equipment)
  • Conducting inventories (both spot and wall-to-wall)
  • Posting inventories
  • Posting inventory losses
  • Posting transfers/offloads
  • Relocating material
  • Updating family group codes (FGC)
  • Performing stock record maintenance such as
    • updating record fields
    • adding/deleting part numbers
    • RICs
    • updating substitute and interchangeable information
    • superseding NIINs
    • deleting records with zero on hand

LSS Menu 3

5. Queries - Capability is provided to query

  • Requisition number
  • Inventory status sorted by NIIN or FGC
  • Stock check for a specific NIIN
  • Warehouse to determine location by NIIN and serial number
  • Transaction ledger by NIIN or serial number within a specified range of dates

LSS Menu 4

6. Reports - A complete range of inventory management reports is provided. Examples of such data are

  • Requisitions in backorder status
  • Stock items with zero RFI
  • Stock items below RFI low limit
  • Stock items below RFI high limit
  • Stock items with full RFI high limit
  • Inventory reports for all or portions of stock, inventory value, FGC summary and exception reports
  • Configuration validation reports for RIC to UIC and UIC to RIC
  • CAV report of government assets to NAVICP, transaction history
  • Performance report to determine if delivery times are within standards
  • Average monthly demand
  • Incomplete components report
  • Receipt confirmation
  • Received components
  • Received requisitions
  • Retrograde outstanding
  • Retrograde overdue
  • Shipping report
  • Short (AWP) report and due from retail

LSS Menu 5

7. Administration - This module is used to perform database administrator functions such as

  • Updating users and site information
  • Adding/updating RICs and UIC and their relationships
  • Transferring bar code scanner receipts into LSS
  • Modifying advice codes
  • Scheduling interface operations and monitoring the interfaces
  • Recreating indexes

LSS Menu 6

8. Retail Spares Management - This module tracks planned program requirements for retail spares, adds/updates purchase order information, post retail receipts and transfers to wholesale stocks. Purchase order detail and outstanding purchase order reports are provided.

LSS Menu 7

9. Help. A complete User Manual is provided online. Help query capability is provided with each module and process screen.

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