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LSS Interfaces With...

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  • MILSTRIP referrals and requisition status are transmitted via EC/EDI
  • Incoming documents from NAVICP
    • requisition referrals
    • cancellation requests
    • follow-up requests
  • Outgoing documents
    • backorder status
    • shipment status
    • status in response to follow-up or cancellation requests
    • bounce-backs to NAVICP
  • Incoming documents are automatically processed
    • requisitions for which an RFI asset exists produce a warehouse picking ticket and bar coded DD1348-1 shipping document
    • requisitions for which an RFI asset does not exist are back ordered
    • requisition follow-up and cancellation requests

Local Maintenance System

  • Custom build interfaces provide latest status on assets in the repair cycle

Transportation Provider of Choice

  • Automated shipment tracking
  • Bar coded shipping label production

3 of 9 Bar Code

  • Scanning
    • receipt processing
    • inventories
    • location audits
  • Printing
    • location label production
    • component storage labels
    • DD1348-1 shipping document
    • FedEx shipping labels
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