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Logistics Support System (LSS)

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Logistics Support System for Performance-Based Logistics (PBL) Contracts

This software was initially developed for Smiths Industries and is also in use by Rockwell Collins. It enabled both companies to perform as the DoD Inventory Managers for wholesale and retail components covered under a PBL contract. (If you want a definition of a term that is linked click on it to go to the glossary.)

The functions include

  • Receiving and processing MILSTRIP requisitions, follow-ups and cancellation requests
  • Providing MILSTRIP status, issuing material and tracking shipment actions
  • Receiving material both as system stock and retrograde requiring repair
  • Storing and maintaining inventory control of both wholesale and retail spares
  • Scheduling and tracking repair actions
  • Reporting all transactions to NAVICP

Key Features

  • Serial number inventory management and tracking of each component
  • EC/EDI interface to receive/send MILSTRIP
  • Maintenance repair status interface
  • Bar coded processing
    • receipt processing
    • location label production
    • inventories
    • location audits
    • shipping labels
  • Integrated interface with transportation provider of choice

System Requirements

  • Designed to operate on a Windows server
  • Windows 2000 or newer workstations
  • Internet connectivity for EC/EDI and transportation provider

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