Logistics and Material Readiness

Readiness Systems

The U.S. military is expected to always have the most up-to-date unit readiness data.

CACI has multifaceted familiarity and experience with overarching doctrine, guidance, and processes of our military customers, including:

  • Direct operational experience with plans and policy at Echelon Level I, II, and III Commands
  • Knowledge of Navy operational readiness
  • Knowledge of joint and service planning and operational concepts
  • Knowledge of mission capability packages, operations plans, contingency plans, DoD-approved scenarios, and joint combat operations
  • Knowledge of authoritative data sources

CACI understands DoD's specific needs and requirements in cost-wise readiness and capability reporting across all mission areas. We provide:

  • Tailored and custom reports
  • Requirements management support
  • Enterprise architecture support
  • Software engineering support
  • Configuration management support
  • Information assurance support
  • Systems integration across the system/software lifecycle
  • Systems and software testing strategies
  • Quality control
  • Measures of effectiveness and measures of performance
  • Documentation of use of applicable framework
  • Real-time reporting for the soldier

CACI provides the ability to lighten deployment loads through the use of information technology, integrated, tailored service support packages for pre-deployment and sustainment support, and streamlined logistics to reduce time to obtain materiel and equipment.

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Logistics Material Readiness:
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