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Manpower and Personnel/Training and Training Support Solutions and Services

We align our human capital solutions and services with customers’ strategies and business goals to optimize organizational performance. CACI’s approach is scalable, adaptable, and capable of being applied to strategic, tactical, and operational aspects of human capital management.

CACI's Integrated Human Capital Value Stream Methodology (HCVSM) is a system-of-systems, technology-enabled solution that captures, shares, and exploits data to produce higher-performing people and organizations. With this system, high-impact, high-risk opportunities and challenges are prioritized and actionable implementation plans are developed and executed to deliver sustainable results.

From executive level communication of human capital strategies to core human capital process area functions, the HCVSM creates alignment, drives systems thinking, and supports complex, adaptive decision analytics and metrics from every angle.

HCVSM facilitates recruiting, developing, and retaining a workforce that is properly sized, skilled, and cost-competitive. Our complex adaptive model for human-capital related analysis and decision support outleaps the pace of change in global economies, emerging technologies, workforce demographics, core competency development, and other measures.

  • The CACI Integrated HCVSM is technology enabled for systems and process level modeling and simulation, and supports capability maturity, consulting frameworks, and professional bodies of knowledge (e.g., Capability Maturity Model Integration, People Capability Maturity Model, Supply Chain Operations Reference Model, Society of Human Resource Management, Human Capital Institute).
  • Our Rapid Organizational Assessment (ROA) and Business Process Reengineering (BPR) methodologies apply Theory of Constraints, Lean, and Six Sigma techniques to deliver quick hits as well as implementation roadmaps.
  • Our Change Adaptation and Learning Methodology (CALM) baselines individual, organizational, and infrastructure readiness to change. This solution delivers actionable strategies and plans that are documented and defensible against return on expectations.
  • Our Knowledge Capture and Management Methodologies leverage Microsoft Office SharePoint Service (MOSS) and Web-based applications to serve the virtual workplace. When combined with our Communities of Practice/Interest (CoP/CoI) solutions and services, these methodologies enhance knowledge sharing and mitigate workforce attrition and promotion-based human capital vacancy.

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Training and Training Support: Embedded within the Integrated HCVSM, CACI’s training and training support solutions and services deliver full-spectrum lifecycle capabilities that include knowledge and skills training, qualification and certification, refresher and upskilling, supervisory leadership, team development, professional proficiency, and technical reference solutions.

Our solutions and services are adaptive and independent of device, environment, and operating system. We provide a tailored approach to increase efficiency by preventing project false starts, enabling economy of scale, and capitalizing on lessons learned.

CACI’s PADDIE+M methodology enables intelligent design, development, and implementation of all forms of training and learning content via blended approaches and multi-modal delivery.

Our virtual interactive learning solutions and mobile applications create a safe-to-fail learning environment and serve thousands of geographically dispersed students.

Our training support capabilities include program administration and process management to drive performance and delivery on mission objectives.

Our modeling and simulation solutions, combined with near real-time measures and metrics monitoring, can be used to improve micro- and macro-efficiencies, and overall quantitative and qualitative organizational effectiveness.

  • CACI has developed over 3,000 seat-hours of interactive multimedia instructions. We have delivered thousands of hours of instructor-led training for education and workforce development e-learning and mobile application training solutions.
  • Our performance counseling, coaching, and mentoring help organizations accelerate the training of supervisors and managers for new levels of responsibility.
  • CACI enhances professional development of team integration, knowledge sharing, and process improvement.

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