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CACI in Iraq - FAQs and Special Information
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"The Truth Will Out"

CACI is a successful and thriving company that focuses on helping the U.S. government serve our national needs. We are ever vigilant in meeting the needs of our customers, our employees and our shareholders. We deliver record-setting revenue year after year and enjoy an excellent reputation for quality, service and integrity.

CACI was founded on the principles of integrity, honesty and a steadfast commitment to serving customers. These qualities have been our formula for success throughout our proud more than 50-year history and remain the cornerstones of our corporate culture. Their value has been confirmed by numerous industry awards, thousands of customer kudos and an outstanding record of support to the government.

In the spring of 2004 CACI was caught up in the controversy surrounding Abu Ghraib and abuses that took place there. At the request of the U.S. Army CACI identified and hired qualified individuals to serve as intelligence analysts and interrogators at Abu Ghraib and elsewhere in Iraq. Unfortunately, many of the news reports about events in Iraq included serious errors and misleading information about CACI. Two years later some of the original errors and some new inaccuracies continue to crop up in reporting about Iraq.

From the first reports about prisoner abuse at Abu Ghraib and for the entire time since, CACI has made the truth its top priority. We have cooperated fully with every government investigation, and we made clear that we would not condone or tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior by any employee when engaged in CACI business. We have communicated openly and fully with our employees, our shareholders and the public about our performance in Iraq. And, as necessary, we have endeavored to set the record straight whenever and wherever we have learned of misstatements about CACI or our employees. As part of our commitment to the truth, in the spring of 2004 we established this website to publicly address issues related to Iraq.

In welcoming you to this site it is worth noting a few critical facts

  • No CACI employee or former employee has ever been indicted for any misconduct in connection with CACI's work in Iraq. While three former employees have been cited in various reports in connection with disputed incidents in Iraq, no CACI employee took part or appears in any of the horrific photos released from Abu Ghraib.
  • We remain proud of our work in Iraq and our other efforts to help in the war against terrorism. We believe that our nation owes a debt of gratitude to the hundreds of CACI employees who risked their lives to support the U.S. mission in Iraq. And we are eternally grateful to the men and women in uniform who sacrifice every day to protect our freedom

Our Good NameDr. J.P. (Jack) London
Chairman, CACI International Inc

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The Book That Sets the Record Straight About CACI's Work at Abu Ghraib

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Jody Brown
Executive Vice President, Public Relations

1/26/10 - CACI Receives Favorable Court Decision

1/20/10 - CACI Demands Retraction of False Statements in New York Times Editorial
1/12/10 - CACI Responds to False Information in New York Times Editorial
PDF logo 92 KB
9/14/09 - Federal Appeals Court Rules in Favor of CACI in Abu Ghraib Case
8/8/08 - CACI Responds to Air America; Rhodes Decision
5/7/08 - Statement Regarding Baseless CCR Lawsuit
12/20/07 - CACI Rejects Amendment to Iraq Detainee Lawsuit
12/20/07 - CACI says denies Abu Ghraib suit amendments
12/20/07 - CACI Rejects Baseless Amendment to Iraq Detainee Lawsuit
12/20/07 CACI Rejects Baseless Amendment to Iraq Detainee Lawsuit
12/19/07 Iraq Detainee Lawsuits Update
11/7/07 CACI Responds to Summary Judgment in Iraq Lawsuit
Chairman's Letter to the Editor of Seapower magazine on the subject of government contractors, published by the Navy League of the United States, October 2007
2/28/07 Letter from Dr. J.P. (Jack) London to Project on Government Oversight, Correcting False Information about CACI's Support for GSA PDF logo 244 KB
2/6/07 CACI Corrects False Information in The New York Times Article PDF logo 139 KB
11/20/06 CACI Corrects False Information About Its Former Business in Iraq 2003 - 2004
11/13/06 CACI Seeks To Advance Air America Defamation Lawsuit
11/3/06 CACI Outside Legal Counsel Exchange Regarding Clarification of Misrepresentations in Deceitful Propaganda DVD
10/27/06 Shallowood: Has a New "Documentary" Checked Its Facts?
10/12/06 CACI Outside Legal Counsel Addresses Maligning of CACI by Deceitful Propaganda DVD
10/9/06 A Message from Dr. J.P. (Jack) London released to - Setting the Record Straight
5/4/05 CACI Acts to Ensure Penguin Press Adheres to Commitments to Correct Error in Publisher's New Book About Guantanamo Bay
  > See The Penguin Press statement
5/3/05 CACI Says GAO Report on Interagency Contracting Fails to Acknowledge Urgent Impact of Wartime Circumstances on Contracting Practices
  > GAO report PDF logo 2.0 MB
  > CACI's full response to GAO report PDF logo 1.4 MB
3/10/05 CACI Says Church Report Underscores Critical Value of Interrogation Services to Saving Military Lives and National Security
10/19/04 CACI Rejects California State Treasurer Phil Angelides' Crass, Politically Motivated Antics
10/18/04 Wall Street Journal - Review & Outlook - "Calpers and Cronyism"
10/8/04 The Guardian, Corrections and clarifications
9/27/04 Dr. London, in Eugene, OR Register-Guard Newspaper
9/16/04 Update on Lawsuit Filed by Center for Constitutional Rights
8/26/04 CACI Says Fay Report Clearly Shifts Focus of Blame Away From Its Employee Named in a Previous Report
8/12/04 CACI Reports Preliminary Findings of Internal Investigation
8/10/04 CACI Receives Contract Extension for U.S. Army Interrogation Support in Iraq
8/3/04 CACI Meets With California Pension Funds About Work in Iraq
7/29/04 CACI Corrects False Information About Chain of Command in Iraq
7/27/04 CACI Rejects Lawsuit as Slanderous and Ludicrous
7/26/04 CACI Clarifies Information About Its Interrogation Services for U.S. Army
7/22/04 Army Inspector General Report Determines CACI Interrogators Met Army Statement of Work Criteria
7/20/04 CACI Corrects Public Information about its Services Contract for U.S. Army Interrogation Support in Iraq
7/7/04 GSA Determines That No Suspension or Debarment of CACI Is Necessary
6/28/04 CACI Clarifies Information About Interrogator Services in Iraq
6/13/04 CACI Continues to Inform Investment Community and Public At Large About CACI's Business In Iraq
6/10/04 CACI Rejects Lawsuit as Slanderous and Malicious
5/25/04 CACI Interrogator Contract With the U.S. Army to Continue
5/9/04 CACI Emphasizes Facts Presented During Congressional Testimony on Iraq Prison Investigation and Requirements Related to Company's U.S. Military Contract
5/5/04 CACI Responds to Allegations in the Media About Its Employees in Iraq and to Financial Community Interests
5/3/04 CACI States Position About Reported Allegations Concerning Employees in Iraq
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