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Statement Regarding Baseless CCR Lawsuit 5/7/08

CACI Headquarters - Arlington, VA

CACI will not try this baseless lawsuit in the press. We reject emphatically this latest plaintiff's allegations and claims. After nearly four years, plaintiffs' counsel, Susan Burke, Shereef Akeel and the Center for Constitutional Rights, are perpetuating baseless allegations against CACI as part of their "big lie" propaganda campaign. From day one, CACI has rejected these prepostorous allegations and intends to vigorously defend itself and vindicate the company's good name.

While Ms. Burke's and Mr. Akeel's politically driven agenda and specious accusations always create a few news headlines, court cases are based on facts and the facts are on our side.

After numerous and thorough government investigations, no CACI employee or former employee has been charged with any misconduct in connection with CACI's interrogation work in Iraq. CACI has unequivocally renounced the abuse that occurred at Abu Ghraib prison and has cooperated fully in all government inquiries of this matter. CACI does not condone or tolerate illegal or inappropriate behavior by any employee when engaged in CACI business.

Contrary to the image foisted upon the public by Susan Burke and Shereef Akeel, CACI provided qualified, dedicated professionals who were called to serve in highly stressful and very dangerous conditions and received good performance reviews for the work they did. We invite people to read the newly released book – Our Good Name – which documents public statements, government reports, and sworn testimony before Congress and the courts, and provides a factual account of CACI's role at Abu Ghraib prison. The book, Our Good Name, cites reputable sources in the public record. We did not do what Ms. Burke and some in the press did – cite anonymous sources, quote those with a political agenda against the war, or make outrageous allegations without facts.

The book – Our Good Name – is the definitive account of what our company went through during the Abu Ghraib controversy and sets the record straight concerning the interrogation work we were asked to perform in Iraq.

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