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Propelling Awareness to the Cutting Edge

We collect, analyze, and exploit signals intelligence (SIGINT) data to advance situational awareness, improve mission planning, and deliver an operational advantage for our Intelligence Community (IC) and Department of Defense (DoD) customers. We develop highly specialized digital signal processing (DSP) solutions and analytics tools and are the largest foreign instrument signals intelligence (FISINT) provider to the IC and DoD.

We deliver quick reaction capability for integrating SIGINT and radio frequency (RF) systems to meet evolving threats. Using our FISINT expertise, we developed market-leading and award-winning C-UAS capabilities. And we are uniquely positioned to deliver advanced solutions and products to address the convergence of cyber, electronic warfare, and SIGINT.

We use advanced deep learning techniques and artificial intelligence, integrated with cloud processing and advanced visualization techniques across all domains, to rapidly exploit vast volumes of data, deliver actionable intelligence, and provide improved time-critical targeting.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Deep Learning Solutions

CACI builds and deploys advanced analytics solutions that process data from a wide spectrum of data categories. These advanced machine learning efforts have distinguished our team as a leader in the emerging area of AI research and development for the DoD and IC communities. We harness the latest academic research to deliver effective solutions tailored to our customers’ missions. By focusing on mission needs and pragmatic approaches, we embed advanced AI techniques within production-ready, cost-effective architectures capable of meeting evolving strategic and tactical needs.

CACI was an early adopter of deep learning techniques, and we have pioneered new methodologies that speed the delivery of mission-focused solutions. Our deep neural network frameworks have yielded outstanding results, including proven solutions for large-scale automation of object detection and classification for classified customers.

CACI delivers integrated intelligence capabilities at the speed of data, enhancing and accelerating operational impact to the warfighter. Our innovative deep learning and multi-INT fusion expertise address the challenges of rapidly exploiting vast volumes of data and providing improved time-critical targeting.

Open Sphere

Open Sphere is a geospatial analysis platform that CACI developed and maintains in coordination with the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA). Open Sphere is an open-source, geospatial web application and software library used to visualize and analyze geospatial data and can be used as the basis for building other geospatial applications. Open Sphere is the foundation for several data analysis and global situational awareness applications.

Applications built on Open Sphere deliver powerful, actionable intelligence through multiple intelligence fusion analysis, reporting, and collaboration for national security missions. CACI has extended Open Sphere with powerful analytic plugins that allow users to visualize, categorize, and animate massive amounts of data to discover patterns of life and anomalies. Tailored, time-sensitive data is used to inform mission planning and aid in battlefield forensics.

Mobile Awareness GEOINT Environment (MAGE)

MAGE is a situational awareness and collaboration platform utilized during live operations. It is a secure, multi-platform mobile application providing simple but powerful location tracking and reporting capabilities. MAGE users can take geotagged pictures, audio, or video, and use those media files to update entries and instantly share that information with team members. When operating in low-bandwidth or disconnected environments, MAGE will queue and deliver user locations and reports. MAGE is ideal for disaster response personnel and others who need interactive content to assist with their operational missions.

MAGE has been used effectively in support of disaster response and recovery efforts such as Hurricane Maria in Puerto Rico, where it simplified the collection and dissemination of critical information such as the locations and conditions of survivors, damaged utilities, flooded areas, blocked transportation routes, and the status of essential infrastructure.

Enter Watchman

Watchman is a tool that uses machine learning to automate the process of object/target detection (e.g. a specific vehicle, aircraft, maritime vessel, or facility) within remotely-sensed imagery. Watchman allows analysts to perform their work more efficiently and effectively. Using the latest technology in AI, machine learning, and computer vision, Watchman makes multi-source data actionable. Watchman streamlines the analysis workflow by ingesting large amounts of data and identifying the most important data sets for analysts to further investigate.

In an analytic resource-constrained environment, further strained by an increase in remotely-sensed data, Watchman allows analysts to focus on forward-thinking analysis, where the true value of human expertise takes center stage.

Analysts can quickly create and label target categories of their choice, and their tradecraft expertise directly and iteratively improves the machine-generated results. Watchman also expedites the analytic process by delivering automated reports and alerts that are aligned to users’ unique mission areas.

Watchman empowers geospatial analysts by providing them with the technology needed in today’s escalating AI arms race. Watchman improves analysts’ productivity and helps find those convoluted nuggets of information that keep the GEOINT profession a few steps ahead of our adversaries.

CACI Intelligence Systems & Support Services

CACI designed and built the Airborne SIGINT POD in support of a U.S. Army program to demonstrate the transition of a ground-based sensor to an airborne platform.

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