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Human Capital Consulting
Human Capital Consulting
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Effective workforce training and development is critical to maintaining staff readiness so they can accomplish their mission. It prepares the workforce to sustain new leadership and supports upward mobility and promotions to the next grade level. Competency is enhanced and the workforce can more rapidly adapt to changing workforce requirements. To meet these demands, team CACI produces high-quality customized training and learning solutions.

We offer both off-the-shelf, commercial courses and a wide range of workforce development solutions customized specifically to each customer's organizational goals and workplace demographics. Our training solutions include initial training, qualification, refresher, and technical reference solutions for workplace execution. Our solutions are flexible and are device- and operating system-independent, which enables training to be delivered at the point of need.

We have over 60 years of combined experience in training delivery methods and have developed over 3,000 seat hours of Interactive Multimedia Instructions (IMI). We employ industry best practices and adhere to pertinent government and industry standards for developing complete training solutions following rigorous Instructions System Design (ISD) standards. Our combined skills, experience, and comprehensive understanding of human capital and training solutions deliver high quality, cost-efficient products that provide customers with the best learning experience.

Our training classes include:

Management Training
Principles of Project Management (MT 1) (2-day workshop)
PMP Readiness Workgroup (MT 2) (6 1-hour sessions)
PMP Certification Prep Boot Camp (MT 3) (3-day session)

Individual and Team Assessments
The Seventh Prism (ITA 1) (2-day session)
I-OPT (ITA2) (4-hour session)
MBTI (ITA 3) (Half-day session)
360 Feedback (ITA 4) (1-day session)

Team and Organizational Effectiveness
Introduction to Learning Organization (TO1) (3-day session)
Increasing Team Effectiveness (TO 2) (2-day session)

Professional Development
Critical and Systems Thinking (PD 1) (2-day session)
Facilitator Training (PD2) (4-day session)

Learning Organization Solutions
Foundations Workshop (LO 101) (3-day workshop)
Learning Applications (LO 201) (4-day workshop)
Learning Cell Facilitator (LOFAC) (4-day program)

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