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Human Capital Consulting
Human Capital Consulting
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Human capital and human resources leaders are challenged with consistently improving human performance. The strategies and approaches and processes that help an organization determine the workload and workforce and manage the workforce competencies are challenged with competing efforts, shrinking budgets, and moving priorities. Impending retirements, economic swings, and shrinking talent pools create a complex human capital environment and the challenges associated with attaining, sustaining, and retaining a competent workforce.

The goals to define, refine, and update human capital strategies, tactics, and operations are at the forefront of any agency's ability to respond to changing missions. Using the CACI Integrated HCVSMSM framework, CACI's Human Capital Consulting practice enables agencies to meet the full range of human capital challenges. Our methodology is a flexible framework that allows an organization to focus and take actionable, prioritized steps to execute Human Capital Management (HCM) strategy with the best possible results.

With this integrated methodology as our foundation, we offer a robust portfolio that offers a total human capital solution based on your organization's requirements, ranging from workload and workforce planning and analytics to workforce acquisition, competency modeling, and attrition management. Here is just a sampling of the human capital capabilities we provide:

  • Integrated Project Team Development: CACI's Integrated Project Team Development (IPTD) program enables project teams to conduct critical analyses of work packages, better identify risks and critical path jobs, develop project team strategies, and ultimately optimize performance. We help teams to overcome typical challenges such as building trust, communication, multicultural barriers, and inconsistency. The result? Higher-performing project teams that successfully complete projects on time and on budget. Through the IPTD program, our customers have increased the depth and breadth of competency within their operations and have aligned with best industry practices.

    CACI's knowledge and experience of reinforcing the basics, integrating education, and maximizing qualifications and certifications is critical to our IPTD program. Our teambuilding process includes these steps:

    • Clarifying team goals
    • Building ownership and commitment to those goals
    • Identifying issues that inhibit team performance
    • Addressing team issues
    • Removing inhibitors to personal and team success
    • Enabling achievement of shared goals
  • Learning Organization Solutions: Learning Organizations continually learn and apply five disciplines – Shared Vision, Mental Models, Team Learning, Personal Mastery, and Systems Thinking – to achieve organizational goals and objectives. The ability and practice of analyzing, sharing, and managing knowledge across all organizational platforms delivers a decisive edge for business excellence in our increasingly dynamic world.

    CACI's people are thought leaders working at the forefront of adult learning systems, applications, networks, logistics, and solutions that drive continuous improvement and organizational effectiveness. Learning Organization application and sustainment is a journey where the desires of personnel are aligned to continually pursue excellence in all they do. CACI's approach to this transformation process is designed to identify, share, and exploit behaviors leading to higher-performing people and organizations. We openly discuss results and develop actionable implementation plans to successfully execute and thoroughly communicate throughout your organization.

  • Performance Coaching: Many organizations entrust their most valuable assets into the hands of frontline supervisors without making the necessary investment in leadership and management development. These vital supervisors often lack experience within your organization or were promoted on the basis of technical rather than management expertise. The CACI Performance Coaching Solution accelerates the development of your frontline supervisors and helps them adopt new behaviors leading to improvements in quality, cost, delivery, and safety.

    CACI's experienced Performance Coaches consult with your organization's leadership to identify key supervisors and best-practice behaviors that drive your organization's success. Performance Coaches quickly establish partnerships based on trust, assess supervisor performance, and create development plans that include specific, measurable goals. The coaches use modeling, feedback, job aids, and reinforcement to help each supervisor develop the necessary knowledge, skills, and abilities to contribute to your organization's success. Throughout the coaching engagement, CACI Performance Coaches track essential metrics related to quality, cost, scheduling, safety, accountability, and others in order to ensure a return on your investment.

  • Individual and Team Development: We support our customers and their people with timely, relevant, and expertly delivered learning, consulting, and development opportunities. Our solutions are designed to improve personnel and organizational effectiveness in a "best value" format that balances cost, content, and duration. Whether you're an emerging professional looking to gain a new skill or key certification, or an experienced leader interested in finding new ways to engage and energize your workforce, CACI has a development offering for you. See our Training page for a full list of opportunities.
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