CACI’s GEOINT+ Toolset enables the automated and semi-automated creation and maintenance of foundational GEOINT feature data.

The GEOINT+ Toolset includes:

CACI Assemble+
Assembles high quality “to spec” and “fit for use” cartographic products in a fraction of the usual time. Provides data thinning, cartographic adjustment, label placement, symbolization, and marginalia generation.

CACI Enrich+
Facilitates the identification, application, and validation of tips and cues about feature data updates. Applies changes for consistency and conformance to specifications, correcting topological errors and attributional inconsistency.

CACI Conflate+
Automates large parts of the concurrent conflation of up to nine geospatial datasets. Allows manual review and adjustment for high quality final products.

CACI Assess+
Provides rapid, standards-based assessment of the geospatial quality of datasets, including positional accuracy, completeness, logical consistency, temporal quality, and thematic accuracy. Produces feature-level and aggregate results to inform decision-making.

CACI Quality+ 
Provides persistent quality surveillance and automated detection of errors by tracking production of feature data in real time and providing statistical in-process sampling for early detection and correction.

CACI Maritime+
Supports Continual Maintenance (CM), New Source Incorporation (NSI)/New Library Collect (NLC), and ENC-DNC conversion to meet the exacting standards of maritime safety-of-navigation programs.

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