Geospatial Intelligence (GEOINT) 2019 Symposium

June 2-5, 2019 | Henry B. Gonzalez Convention Center | San Antonio, TX | Booth #311

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CACI’s bold approach to technology and deep subject area expertise bring rapid innovation to every key aspect of geospatial intelligence. From deep learning and intelligence applications and analysis to foundation GEOINT automation and enterprise network managed services, CACI’s solutions and services provide secure and timely access to accurate and comprehensive GEOINT.

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CACI and LGS Innovations: The Next Chapter of Ingenuity.


Human and Machine Teaming

Automated Structured Observation Management
Our human-on-the-loop deep learning applications revolutionize computer vision, enable activity-based intelligence, and speed decision-making.


Foundation GEOINT Toolsuite
CACI’s GEOINT+ toolset enables the automated and semi-automated creation and maintenance of foundation GEOINT feature data that covers half the world.

GEOINT Services

Situational Awareness in Intermittent and Disconnected Environments
CACI provides rapid fielding of innovative applications, including our acclaimed MAGE mobile app, which simplifies and streamlines team-sourced data collection in the field.

Intelligence Fusion for Strategic to Tactical Missions

Relevant, Anticipatory Geospatial Intelligence
CACI engineers team up with experienced warfighters to provide ongoing innovation and development for the FADE program’s proven intelligence fusion and visualization application.



  • LGS Device Farm
  • LGS Device Stadium
  • GEOINT Academy
  • LiveRAN
LGS Device Farm

Prepackaged, plug-and-play solution for modeling, simulation, testing, and analysis of mobile applications on multiple operating systems from a single web interface.

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