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Program Management and SETA Services
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PM, SETA Services - Simulation, Test, Training Services

CACI advises and assists in the management and tracking of educational and training requirements for government personnel. We assist in

  • Identifying educational and training requirements for career progression and identifying available courses
  • Maintaining databases to track required and completed education and training necessary to maintain job proficiency/promotability
  • Developing training plans, handbooks and training materials plus presenting the training

We provide technical support for the development, implementation and operation of modeling/simulation, experimentation and laboratory activities, including

  • Test planning and working groups, documentation and execution
  • Post-test data analysis
  • Test reporting
  • Test process development and improvement
  • Certification test development and execution
  • Evaluations and demonstrations
  • Any training required to execute or support test and evaluation activities

CACI is expert in

  • Operational Test Development
  • Integrated T&E
  • Modeling, Simulation and Prototyping Support
  • Curriculum Development and Training Support
  • IV&V Support

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