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Program Management and SETA Services
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PM, SETA Services - Program and Project Management Support Services

CACI provides project management expertise and guidance. We assist in

  • Comparing program direction and guidance (in program management directives, plans and other program documents) with current in-place contracts to identify discrepancies and recommend actions
  • The preparation, review and integration of selected milestone review documentation, periodic reports and certifications
  • Conducting broad-based analysis of programs to support organizational planning and making recommendations for improvement and efficiency
  • Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) team planning
  • Participation and training of IBR teams
  • Performance analysis support to program offices
  • Work breakdown structure development
  • Development of handbooks and training courses (including computer-based training)
  • EVM system implementation and analysis

CACI is expert in

  • Planning, Compliance Monitoring and Reporting
  • Feasibility Assessments
  • System Lifecycle Support
  • Integrated Program Management Services
  • Executive Oversight of IT Projects
  • Earned Value Management
  • Audits

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