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CACI provides a full suite of Logistics and Material Readiness solutions and service offerings that plan for, implement, and control the efficient, effective, and secure flow and storage of goods, services, and information in support of U.S. government agencies. We develop and manage logistics information systems, specialized simulation and modeling toolsets, and provide logistics engineering services. Our operational capabilities span the supply chain, including advance logistics planning, demand forecasting, total asset visibility, and lifecycle support for weapons systems. Our logistics services are a critical enabler in support of defense readiness and combat sustainability objectives.

"Our customers can depend on us to reduce their logistics costs and align our solutions to their mission."

Since its creation in 1962, CACI has grown into a leading provider of logistics and material readiness solutions. Throughout the course of a changing federal and global landscape, our support has evolved from simple support of spare parts management to advanced information systems that rely on simulation and cutting edge technology.

For everything from reducing logistics costs, to logistics planning and policy development, to comprehensive supply chain management, we have remained ever vigilant in aligning our logistics and material readiness solutions with the nation's highest priorities.

CACI is the best value choice to support continued program and mission success. We fulfill these customer needs:

  • Reduced Logistics Costs
    CACI helps its customers find innovative ways to reduce costs for both acquisition and in-service support, including costs for such areas as configuration management, cataloging, financial management, provisioning, procurement, inventory management, training, and transportation management.
  • Logistics Data Integration and Access
    CACI helps its customers by providing worldwide web services and shared data environments via logistics windows and common operating environments. We help provide real time end-to-end control of the deployment, distribution, and sustainment pipeline. We also provide enhanced asset visibility, control, and management decision support tools.
  • Agile Logistics
    CACI helps its customers by providing more agile, seamless and modular logistics support systems with the capability to support small operations and scale to more complex operations. We can provide tailored support packages with supply requirements automatically generated and with rule-based sourcing and common processes across all services.
  • Engineering Logistics
    CACI provides its customers with engineering logistics for all levels of maintenance, providing acquisition planning and support, engineering planning, lifecycle maintenance expertise, engineering technical research, and tools for rapid engineering assessments.
  • Leading Edge Logistics
    CACI provides its customers with the latest logistics capability and technology. We provide RFID to help them manage their assets. We integrate remote monitoring, diagnostic, and prognostic devices, with the ability to sense and predict failures and anticipate demand. We tackle complex systems integration challenges. In addition, we provide full decision support capability.
  • Logistics Operations
    CACI provides the ability to lighten deployment loads through the use of information technology, integrated, tailored service support packages for pre-deployment and sustainment support, and streamlined logistics to reduce time to obtain materiel and equipment.
  • Logistics Decision Support
    CACI supports its customer by facilitating fusion of information and transportation to provide rapid crisis response and the ability to track and shift assets even while in transit. In turn, the customer has the tools, training, and experience to achieve decision superiority.
  • Material Condition Readiness
    CACI provides its customers with the ability to calculate and report readiness for equipment and systems, prioritize supply and maintenance actions based upon their contribution to readiness, and identify funding required to reach a selected level of material readiness based upon equipment material condition.
  • Logistics Program Management Support
    CACI provides proven logistics program management support and adaptive solutions to complex logistics challenges faced by program offices. CACI uses advanced concepts and emerging technologies to tailor logistics support to the program office mission.
  • Logistics Planning and Policy Development
    CACI has the demonstrated ability to develop the framework for long-range logistics plans and headquarters level logistics policy and to assist our customers with staffing and negotiation of these plans and policies from conception to approval.

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