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CACI supports our nation's military, homeland security, law enforcement, and emergency responders by providing leading-edge C4 (Command, Control, Communications and Computers) solutions that ensure critical information gets quickly into the hands of those who need it the most, including troops at the tip of the spear, first responders, and their leaders.

Both on and off the battlefield, secure real-time communications are critical to C4 and mission success. Our broad-based solutions offer communications capabilities for soldier systems, mobile platforms, fixed facilities, and the enterprise, aiding users in collaboratively planning, fusing information, and making essential decisions. We focus on affordability and engineer our solutions for cost-effective deployment and sustainment across the lifecycle, giving our clients the best value. We provide:

  • Command centers and edge user systems that enable decision makers and edge users to find and integrate mission information in near-real time
  • Situational awareness capabilities that give customers a full view of the status of friendly, enemy, and neutral forces
  • Data fusion capabilities that supply decision makers, troops, and first responders at all levels with relevant products in near-real time
  • C4 system infrastructure to support warfighters from the tactical to enterprise levels
  • Communications and network integration for unified communications, including SATCOM and advanced 3/4G cellular systems, that take communications from the enterprise directly to and from the tactical edge
  • Integrated evaluation and testing for system-of-systems engineering evaluations and field assessments
  • Systems engineering and technical assistance (SETA) for all aspects of C4
  • C4 research and development (R&D) labs that aid clients in developing and integrating C4 and communications systems

"CACI's C4 capabilities help military and civilian agencies direct resources, collaborate, access diverse mission information, and train effectively. "

We pride ourselves on rapidly tailoring and implementing our products, services, and solutions to fit the specific missions and operating contexts of our clients. We bring exceptional skills to design, develop, integrate, deploy, and provide field support to quick reaction capabilities (QRC), delivering rapidly deployable C4 solutions anywhere in the world. Our depth of domain knowledge and agile development and fielding of capabilities ensure that we provide timely, mission-assured solutions that address the need to integrate the best of commercial technologies into the customer's environment.

Our top mission areas in defense are communications and network integration (SATCOM and terrestrial) including quick reaction systems, mobility, 3/4G cellular and engineering support services. CACI's top missions in homeland security and law enforcement are C4 communications and networking and a specialized capability providing a common situational picture for law enforcement and emergency response.