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Capabilities – Analysis

Successfully navigating from data to decision requires performing analysis based both on the type of data, information, and knowledge available and on the type of decision required. CACI offers the following tools and expertise to make sense of highly varied and often unstructured data, enabling our customers to develop the knowledge and overall understanding that they need in their analytic tasks:

  • Big data: The information revolution and the rapid expansion of sources of relevant information – from social media through collection sensors – have led to a dramatic increase in the volume, velocity, and variability (V3) of information that an organization needs to manage and understand. In the past, acquiring information of interest was a primary challenge. Today's customers are faced with a very different challenge: finding and utilizing the information they need within an ever-expanding sea of data. We have the tools, techniques, and expertise to provide solutions that do just this. We combine virtualization, cloud computing, data modeling, entity and language analytics, software development, and legacy systems integration into a tailored approach for each customer's data environment and goals.
  • Analytic: Analytic tools and techniques can vary as much as their sources of data and information. CACI works with unstructured data (such as text in documents and messages, images, and video), semi-structured data (such as reports), and highly structured data (such as databases and spreadsheets). Whether you need to mine unstructured text for key concepts, compare images to sources of interest, explore relationships in a network, or develop a whole new way of building meaning from your data sources, we can help you to select, tune, and implement the best technologies and practices to enhance your operations.
  • Insider threat: CACI is one of the industry leaders supporting the U.S. Government's new Insider Threat Detection initiative and developing integrated insider threat IT support and knowledge management solutions. Always prepared to provide innovative solutions that can integrate security, counterintelligence, law enforcement, and information technology, CACI is an identified leader in the development and support of new mission requirements in the dynamic and rapidly evolving insider threat detection environment. CACI has refined our best practices and accepted industry-certified best-business processes to identify the right KM requirements to help exploit our rapid prototype, agile environment to deliver productive, integrated, analytic solutions to the counterintelligence (CI) investigator and analyst. CACI is known for its ability to deliver basic tools quickly, with ongoing desk-side customer integration and demonstrated value.

    CACI provides CI expertise to assist in the development of national and DoD Insider Threat Detection (ITD) policies and doctrine. We understand ITD requirements and how to implement programs designed to mitigate the risks associated with malicious insiders. Our seasoned cadre of CI professionals understands the nuances of anomalous behavior, has defined analytic tools, and is capable of envisioning even more useful tools for the U.S. Intelligence Community. Along with our highly skilled IT development and design team, CACI is ready and prepared to deliver the best ITD and KM programs to our key federal customers.

  • Social media: CACI is quickly adapting its knowledge management expertise for developing technologies and methodologies to meet the increasing demand of our Department of Defense (DoD) and Intelligence Community (IC) partners for an intuitive and flexible social media analysis solution to meet growing mission requirements.

    Social media analysis is playing an increasingly significant role with our DoD and IC partners. CACI's innovative technologies coupled with client-specific, tailored KM practices are designed to tackle the rapidly increasing "big data" problems associated with social media analysis. CACI is focusing on technology that allows for the departure from multiple single-purpose social media analytical tools to an IT environment that seamlessly allows access to multiple social media sources and integrated tools for analysts and operators to visualize and analyze social media data.

    CACI has proven technical capabilities in the ingestion, curation, and retrieval of large volumes of textual and multimedia data. Our HighVIEW document and workflow technology is currently deployed to help our customers explore existing data sources and streams to address critical organizational requirements. Our Document and Media Exploitation (DOMEX) solution integrates machine translation capabilities as well as full-text and theme-based searching. These KM-focused technologies are highly relevant to addressing challenges of social media analysis faced by our DoD and IC partners.

    CACI's adherence to industry standards and use of best practices ensures that we are always providing the most advanced and proven support possible. As an industry leader, CACI is focused on providing social media analysis/KM solutions with a flexible architecture that can easily integrate into existing law enforcement and government information repositories. CACI's technology solutions and recommended KM practices will increase the overall effectiveness of DoD and IC social media analysis efforts by providing the ability to more efficiently access and exploit large volumes of social media information. This will enhance situational awareness and improve your organization's ability to quickly make the right decision.

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