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CACI understands knowledge management (KM). We have the products and services to help your organization implement, refine, or extend your KM capabilities and strategy, whether we're implementing a single application that presents data and information to the right person at the right time, or performing a complete consolidation of knowledge resources into a framework that presents data to any qualified user to enable all of your organization's decisions.

We automate the KM lifecycle for our customers using world-class, state-of-the-art commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) and custom-developed technology, business processes, and consulting services. Our services and solutions capture, transform, and organize data and information to help clients understand what it all means and navigate successfully from data to decision.


CACI provides:

Our customers rely on us to bring order to data chaos so they can cost-effectively move from data to insight to decision with confidence.

True knowledge management extends well beyond enterprise-wide technology and takes into account the people who will actually use it and contribute to its success. Successful organizations need innovative thinking and a proven process improvement methodology that leverages the human factors of learning, socialization, insight, understanding, and decision to create an effective KM environment. Our approach encompasses:

  • The tools available to manipulate information for archiving, access, query, summarization, and extraction
  • The ability to view and integrate different data and information types to include structured and unstructured text, images, video/audio, and geospatial
  • The capability to share information throughout the organization and across the broader community
  • Leveraging the networks individuals create to gain better insight and make better decisions
  • The management of streams of data and information that may rapidly change in speed, quantity, quality, form, and content
  • A repository of knowledge that captures not only the results of analysis but the shared observations and conclusions of others in the community of practice
  • An assessment of your organization's KM status to develop or enhance strategies for identifying technical and process solutions for knowledge sharing, collaboration, and process improvement

CACI's KM solutions help our clients make better use of the data and information resources they have available. By fully understanding our clients' needs, our experts identify the most relevant commercial technology, develop effective and efficient KM software and service solutions, and apply the very best business practices. Our ability to work in big data and cloud environments multiplies our chances of improving the performance and enhancing the competitive advantage of our customers. We deliver solutions that reflect the needs of our clients while significantly improving their insight, their ability to innovate, and their productivity.

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