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Integrated Security Solutions
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CACI's ISS professionals support clients in their ever-increasing responsibility to secure no-fail missions. Across the security spectrum, we provide our clients with mission support, capability-based planning and sustainment, and information fusion expertise. Our services include:

  • Prevention: To avoid, prevent, or counter illicit organizations and the instability they create, we provide:
    • Information operations support through analytics and methodologies necessary to engage today's global dynamic and fluid environments
    • Offensive operations support against terrorist and criminal networks, to include countering improvised explosive devices (IEDs)
    • Analysis of potential threats from terrorist or criminal organizations
    • Open-source information packaging
    • Net-centric mobility solutions, including a system for real-time biometric facial and iris capture
    • Multi-modal fusion
    • Rapid acquisition and fielding of equipment
    • ISR solutions
    • Identity management solutions
  • Protection: To secure people, property, and infrastructure, we offer:
    • Biometrics access control and verification integration
    • Perimeter and physical security assessments
    • Cybersecurity protective measures
    • Maritime, border, and port security assessments
    • Maritime interdiction and counter-terrorism training
    • Tactical operations and guard force training, to include close quarters combat and small arms
    • Security/readiness mission systems and operational analysis
    • Needs-gap analysis
    • Identity management solutions
    • ISR solutions
    • Cyberspace solutions
  • Resiliency: To reduce the likelihood, severity, and duration of adverse consequences as a result of technical, human-caused, and natural incidents, we deliver:
    • Threat and hazard identification
    • Threat design determination
    • Vulnerability and risk assessments
    • Resiliency assessments and plans
    • Continuity of Operations Planning (COOP)
    • Continuity of Government Planning
  • Response: To save lives, protect property, and respond to incidents or disasters, we perform:
  • Recovery: To assist communities and organizations in recovering from incidents or disasters, we provide:
    • Rebuilding of infrastructure and security systems
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