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The behaviors, activities, and relationships of individuals in the modern digital world are at the heart of the vast majority of the difficult problems confronting CACI clients. Precise information on individual and collective roles, authorities, and whereabouts is the critical enabler of management programs, whether designed for protection, prevention, or preemption. Identity intelligence – a granular understanding of human actors (schemers, decision makers, and drivers) viewed from every conceivable perspective – is the most basic of disciplines and an absolute imperative in resolving most issues in the physical and cyber domains. Today, most managers are constrained from gathering this type of consolidated view of individuals or groups due to access limitations of dispersed, incompatible repositories of biographic, observational, and relational data. CACI's biometrics and identity solutions remedy this situation.

Nation states, criminal groups, terrorists, and individual actors are increasingly operating in a digital venue to collect intelligence information, communicate with extended networks, and conduct information campaigns. At the same time, advances in technology are presenting new security challenges to protect and discover identities as well as provide secure access to information and facilities. These realities are increasing the need to protect vital identity information, manage it, and identify actors as an ever-critical element in our security.

CACI's biometrics and identity solutions address these challenges, supporting our U.S government customers in both operational cyber and intelligence missions. Our solutions enable them to protect the identities of individuals, organizations, and other entities in both the physical and digital worlds; provide and manage access; and target adversaries. In addition, our deep domain knowledge and experience enables us to proactively identify and address customer requirements and leverage emerging technologies to quickly field solutions that help our customers maintain operational effectiveness, identify actors, and stay ahead of adversaries.

Our deep domain experience enables us to add context to our biometrics and identity solutions to better ensure mission success for our customers.

CACI's approach doesn't just involve collecting data from various sources. We take the additional step of adding context to identify the people, groups, or entities behind the information. We accomplish this by capitalizing on our vast experience supporting the Intelligence Community, U.S. forces, and law enforcement in areas such as biometrics-based identification, human factors analysis, forensics, large-volume identity-related data exploitation and assessment, and managed security services.

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