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Counter-UAS Solutions to Protect Critical National Security Assets

CACI is an industry leader in developing, deploying, and integrating advanced counter-unmanned aircraft systems (C-UAS) technologies and solutions. Our SkyTracker® Technology Suite includes fixed site, on-the-move, and small form factor technologies designed to exploit the radio communication between small unmanned aircraft systems and their controller.

Electronic Warfare Dominance Across All Domains

Today’s threats require agile, flexible, and scalable electronic warfare (EW) solutions that evolve at the pace of mission. CACI’s technology greatly reduces the probability of detection while enhancing the lethality of integrated fires. Our family of systems is scalable and spans dismount, maritime expeditionary, small and large vehicle expeditionary, and UAV platforms. These systems enable a distributed operational capability for netted fires against adversary targets across the RF spectrum.

Integrated Human Resources Solution for Personnel and Pay Data for All Army Components

CACI knows federal personnel pay systems and processes from a full lifecycle implementation perspective. We deliver “hire-to-retire” support for Army personnel and pay systems and are using our proven expertise in Oracle® services to deliver Army Integrated Personnel and Pay System – Army (IPPS-A) – the largest PeopleSoft® implementation in the world.

Agile Solution Factory

Today, it’s not enough to simply transition to Agile. CACI’s Agile Solution Factory (ASF) optimizes performance of Agile software development, holistically integrating the benefits of Agile at an enterprise scale. The ASF’s use of advanced automation frameworks like DevSecOps further drives efficiencies in cost savings, time to market, security, and productivity.

Integrated Cyber Defense for the Cloud

The most effective cyber defense solutions integrate a multitude of vendors and technologies. CACI subject matter experts will show how active cyber defense solutions are essential for agencies and commands as they migrate more capabilities and applications to the cloud.

Advanced Machine Learning and Deep Learning Solutions Speed Decision-Making

The amount of available intelligence data has increased exponentially in recent years. CACI’s deep learning framework handles most data types. Learn how we apply our solution to significantly speed the identification and classification of objects found in full-motion video.

Secure, Seamless Wireless Communication to the Tactical Edge

CACI offers a Secret classified network that can be used to protect the U.S. Government’s classified voice, text, and email over Wi-Fi and cellular LTE networks. This capability speeds informed mission execution and improves operational efficiency and situational awareness for the smartphone user.

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