Enterprise IT

Mission-Driven IT Modernization

As today’s information, communications, and data requirements continue to increase exponentially, a secure, well designed information technology (IT) infrastructure is critical to mission success. CACI’s solutions enable customers to achieve their missions with secure, seamless, well-managed enterprise IT infrastructure.

Our mission-driven technology solutions, combined with our decades of IT expertise, enable our customers to focus on their missions. We design, implement, optimize, sustain, and manage enterprise IT solutions for approximately 50 federal agencies. We help customers adopt and implement virtualized cloud, cyber protection, software-defined solutions, and as-a-service delivery models and mobility, transforming the efficiency, security, reliability, and cost-effectiveness of IT services.

Amplifying Efficiency With Next-Generation Technology

We maintain four major network domains moving more than one petabyte of data per day with over 3,800 network components and firewalls at more than 150 locations worldwide supporting the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency (NGA).

We have nearly 150 defensive cyber SMEs holding 1,000 certifications supporting the Air Force.

We provide 24/7 IT solutions and services at approximately 300 locations in the National Capital Region and other CONUS and OCONUS locations for more than 10,000 mobile phones and tablets and more than 16,000 laptops and desktops at the Department of Homeland Security (DHS).

We are optimizing the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) enterprise IT infrastructure and are providing IT service-desk and field support to more than 60,000 TSA employees at some 550 airports and TSA offices.

Defensive Cyber Operations and Continuous Diagnostic (CDM)

The frequency of cyber security breaches in government and commercial industries has increased the need for solutions to safeguard IT networks. CACI uses proven leading-edge solutions to manage, monitor, and immediately respond to cyber threats.

Our teams deliver 24/7 cyber event monitoring and incident response. Our advanced intrusion detection capabilities speed deployment of preventative measures to isolate and mitigate cyber threats.

We develop certification and accreditation documentation for tactical business operations systems, assuring our DoD customers that their systems are fully accredited to run in operational environments.

Our innovative methodologies for identifying insider threats use advanced analytics that enable rapid detection of unusual activities. Once abnormal activities are identified, our systems employ protective measures to reduce and defeat the insider threat opportunity.

Our accredited Digital Forensics Laboratory provides digital network and mobile device forensics. Using state-of-the-art tools and techniques, our engineers perform network streams and captures, binary reverse engineering, and static and dynamic analysis to determine malware behavior and open source data on existing attacks.

Infrastructure Engineering and DevSecOps

Using a proven Agile, DevSecOps approach, we’re able to develop and deploy solutions faster, securely, and more efficiently than through traditional infrastructure engineering approaches. Our containerized DevSecOps solutions can be stood up instantly and used on new or legacy projects to save development teams months of time. Our approach includes built-in quality control and automated security testing. Our proven project management approach enables our DevSecOps engineers to immediately assign and provide resources and deploy new capabilities without resource contention or introducing new vulnerabilities or deficiencies.

Hosted and Cloud-Powered Solutions

CACI is an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Premier Consulting Partner, Public Sector Partner, and Authorized Reseller and has developed secure, mission-critical cloud solutions for customers across all data classification levels. We employ nearly 70 percent of the top-level, cleared cloud architects in the AWS community. We have planned and performed hundreds of migrations to hosted and as-a-service solutions, working in tandem with our customers to develop secure and efficient cloud architectures while adhering to all regulatory and compliance requirements. Through CACI Navigator, we use repeatable processes spanning program lifecycles to reduce the complexity, cost, time, and risk of digital transformation. A centralized knowledge repository with guided templates uses public- and private-sector best practices to organize and simplify planning, activities, and reporting, while continuously measuring, verifying, and enhancing delivered value.

End-User Solutions

CACI’s experts understand the continual pressures on cost-effective end-user solutions that provide immediate, location agnostic end-user support for desktop and back-office requirements. Combined with a changing federal workforce that increasingly demands a more mobile approach to their work, the development of pragmatic and flexible mobile and cloud computing solutions becomes even more necessary.

Our world-class desktop and mobile device management solution covers more than desktop and mobile devices. We support wearable devices and can accommodate any future device support driven by advancements in technology.

CACI developed a data center and new data archiving strategy for the U.S. Navy, resulting in cost savings of $100,000 per terabyte.

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