Enterprise IT

Unmatched Expertise

The frequency of cyber security breaches in government and commercial industries has increased the need for solutions to safeguard IT networks. CACI uses proven leading-edge solutions to manage, monitor, and immediately respond to cyber threats.

Our teams deliver 24/7 cyber event monitoring and incident response. Our advanced intrusion detection capabilities speed deployment of preventative measures to isolate and mitigate cyber threats. We also develop certification and accreditation documentation for tactical business operations systems, assuring our DoD customers that their systems are fully accredited to run in operational environments.

CACI also applies its advanced analytics capabilities to improve medical situation awareness, logistics, and operational medicine. We take massive volumes of data pulled from multiple sources and use tools for trending, data mining, and predictive analysis to streamline processes to identify relationships across healthcare insurance data sets and transform the data into actionable information, such as predicting enrollment patterns.