Engineering Services

State of the Art Technology

CACI develops and maintains real-time deterministic computer programs for the U.S. Navy and FMS partners’ most advanced combat system – Aegis. Our software systems support the full spectrum of development ranging from prototyping, requirements, modeling and simulation, design, code, test, data analysis, configuration management, certification support, software delivery to the fleet, and fleet support covering every Aegis baseline. Our systems and personnel help the Navy research, develop, integrate, test, and deploy open and portable commercial hardware and software for their surface combat systems.

Specifically, we develop the AEGIS Combat Training System (ACTS), the Enterprise Scenario Development System (ESDS), and assist with development of Combined Integrated Air and Missile Defense (IAMD)/Anti-Submarine Warfare (ASW) Trainer (CIAT), Virtual Twin, and Future Computing Infrastructures. Our teams provide performance characterizations, optimization tuning, cybersecurity tools, rapid prototyping, and proof-of-concept studies.