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Expertise for a New Era of National Security – In today's defense arena enemies and missions are fluid. And mobility, flexibility and information superiority drive mission success. We support the warfighter anywhere the mission goes.

  • Deploying All the Tools in Our Arsenal to Help Keep Our Nation Safe
    CACI provides the technical and analytical expertise, mission understanding, information technology, network solutions and experienced program personnel to help our defense customers prevail in this new era of national security. From countering global terrorism and asymmetric threats to the integration of intelligence assets with command and control to net-centric operations, logistics and business systems – we are positioned to serve today's defense needs and those in the years ahead.
  • The Army Intelligence Community's Information Lifeline
    CACI maintains the TROJAN satellite communications systems, the Army intelligence community's global network for managing and sharing tactical, operational and strategic intelligence information.
  • Boosting Efficiency Across the DoD
    The DoD is working to become more efficient, thanks in part to systems we developed to make budget, resource management, accounting and acquisition processes more efficient in all service branches. Systems such as RM Online, Comptroller Information System, Wide-Area Workflow and the Standard Procurement System have successfully managed over $1 trillion in DoD funds.
  • Medical Logistics Delivers Quality Care Worldwide
    All Air Force combat and support forces rely on our work with Manpower and Equipment Force Packaging (MEFPAK) and Medical Logistics Support Services to help plan and manage manpower and equipment. Military personnel around the globe count on this highly efficient supply chain to support quality medical care.
  • Controlled Information Sharing for Critical Operational Missions
    CACI, along with its industry leading partners, is addressing the most demanding and complex security and domain environments to help its government customers design, develop and implement innovative multi-level security and cross domain solutions. These help ensure secure information access and sharing in some of the most highly classified and sensitive network environments.