Cyber Security

We Outsmart the Adversary

Our cyber solutions deliver secure, uninterrupted network operations and provide decision-makers with the tools they need to act against adversaries. Our cyber security capabilities span the full spectrum of offense and defense, delivering IT network protection, cyber resiliency, continuous diagnostics and mitigation (CDM), and nontraditional platform exploitation and defense. We deliver solutions, capabilities, and products that protect and defend critical information, systems, and operations. We also provide forensics; cloud and mobile device security; and network virtualization, modeling, simulation, and wargaming. Our technologies and proven cyber experience provide solutions that help protect our customers’ vital information and our nation’s critical infrastructure.

Cyberspace Operations

Convergence of Cyber, Electronic Warfare (EW), and Signal Intelligence (SIGINT)

Backed by industry-leading cyber, EW, and SIGINT expertise, we’re answering the challenge of today’s modern battlespace. Our software-defined radio/electronic attack technology enables non-kinetic attacks against commercially available Wi-Fi and cellular communications, as well as closed proprietary protocols such as digital push-to-talk networks and unmanned platform applications.

Cyber Resiliency

Our infrastructure and data security solutions, combined with secure engineering practices, are used to harden military and government systems to withstand attacks. Our systems ensure the functionality of mission-critical components, giving decision-makers the confidence to act decisively during cyberspace operations.

Risk Management Framework (RMF) Eagle

RMF Eagle is a multipurpose, comprehensive toolset that simplifies and improves our customers’ ability to protect vital information networks. RMF Eagle accelerates certification by significantly automating the population of reports necessary to comply with DoD’s RMF assessment and authorization process.

RMF Eagle increases efficiency, reduces time, and saves cost by achieving authorization and keeping information secure while providing a real-time plan of action and milestone status of the system process. RMF Eagle is entirely customizable to meet customers’ specific and evolving requirements.

CACI develops systems empowered by precision technologies to exploit emerging threats and protect platforms, such as smartphones, aircraft, UAVs, and vehicles.

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