Team CACI's Encore II Partnership: Supporting the Warfighter Team CACI's
Encore II Partnership:
Supporting the Warfighter

More About the Encore II Program

The objective of this contract is to provide global net-centric capabilities, attributes or services under multiple award, ID/IQ task order type contracts that support the military services, the DoD and other federal agencies. DISA actively facilitates the migration of information systems and common, standard data into an integrated and interoperable GIG that supports the Department's Joint Vision 2020 (JV2020) concept. DoD is transitioning from a collection of stovepipe systems and architectures to an integrated and interoperable environment.

Other federal agencies have unique legacy processes and systems in place and require similar migration and integration activities. Many costly redundancies and duplications of functionality exist within the current legacy environment (including applications, data and other infrastructure elements). Recent DoD mobilizations have proven that the current legacy environment is inadequate to meet the evolving mission needs of the user.

The vision of an integrated global environment that meets the JV2020 concept necessitates a distinct set of information system capabilities required in the GIG. These include

  • Seamless worldwide coverage and connectivity
  • Secure and assured service tailored to the threat
  • Operational flexibility to resize and reconfigure
  • Same look and feel when training as deployed or afloat
  • Real time network control
  • Interoperability with joint and combined task forces
  • Access to tailored intelligence and support information systems
  • Split Base/Reach Back into integrated data assets (intelligence, logistics, etc.)
  • Bandwidth on demand (bandwidth where and when it's needed)
  • More affordable and fewer mission support staff among deployed forces
  • Information flows tailored to user needs such as collection, storage and distribution
  • Web services
  • Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)

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