Strategic and Tactical Communications, Bridging the Battlespace

CACI’s communications solutions provide mission-critical capabilities, ensuring vital information arrives where it’s needed, quickly and securely. We stand shoulder-to-shoulder with the warfighter around the world.

CACI specializes in the development and deployment of communications systems, as well as systems engineering and technical assistance. And our teams are leaders in secure mobility integration.


CACI’s Communications team provides affordable capabilities for soldier systems, mobile platforms, fixed facilities, and the enterprise. We’re leaders in completing design and development of new communications systems, platform integration, and providing engineering and technical assistance.

Communications Systems Design, Development, and Integration

CACI designs, engineers, installs, and operates a full line of antennas, controls, power drive units, tracking down converters and receivers, and control and baseband systems for applications that support strategic and tactical communications requirements. Our teams are experienced with global satellite communications (SATCOM) and baseband infrastructures and technologies that enable our customers’ enterprise class communications services.

CACI teams also deliver leading secure mobile integrated communications systems that integrate SATCOM, terrestrial communications, and multi-level secure (Non-Classified Internet Protocol Router [NIPR], Secret Internet Protocol Router [SIPR], and Joint Worldwide Intelligence Communications System [JWICS]) networking capabilities into vehicles, ruggedized containers, fixed facilities, and shelters to provide troops and first responders with ubiquitous, secure access to real-time information.

Our solutions include intelligence support system hardware and software suites, video teleconferencing equipment, and the capability to support other national intelligence organizations and teams.

Communications Systems Test, Evaluation, and Field Support

CACI provides technical, engineering, and analysis support for system-of-systems engineering evaluations and field assessments. Our services include design of experiments and related facilities, system and platform operational support, and live, virtual, and constructive testing and evaluation. We also provide testing and evaluation of systems in laboratory and realistic field conditions and support national simulation systems in evaluating command, control, communications and computer (C4) capabilities.

CACI provides field support services to our customers, anywhere from inside the United States to austere, war-zone locations. Our teams provide the field support critical to maintaining and sustaining mission-critical command, control, communications, computer, intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (C4ISR) systems. Our proven processes and people enable us to deploy resources to meet the most critical mission tasks facing our customers today.

CACI’s solutions in tactical and strategic communications ensure vital information arrives where it’s needed quickly and securely.

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