Our Story

Communication technology is everywhere. It's on our desks. In our phones. In our cars and in our homes. So what's holding your communication back?

The question is no longer whether the technology exists to deliver your message. The question is whether the message you deliver makes an impact on your mission.

CACI Integrated Communications (CiC) is a full-service advertising and communications agency built from the ground up to produce measurable results. Over our 25-year story, we have held on to our small-business attitude while evolving into a global technology powerhouse on the leading edge of digital communications solutions. From our state-of-the-art production and editing studios to our creative and media buying teams, CiC offers the talent and resources you need to advance any federal government mission, to meet any commercial sector marketing goal.

Give us a challenge, define the objective and set the benchmark. We will develop a communication program that gets results, and we will show you the numbers that prove it.

Our recruitment marketing programs keep U.S. intelligence agencies and military services fully staffed with highly qualified recruits. Our public outreach programs raise awareness of pressing public issues and educate the public on valuable government services. Our internal communication programs facilitate information exchange among distributed workgroups to solidify team cohesion and clarify high-level business objectives.

As the communication landscape continues to unfold at lightning speed, CiC leads the communication industry in the application of new media, from iPads and mobile apps to social media and virtual events. These tools give us the ability to deliver the right message and measure the positive impact. Our digital-first approach results in a greater return on investment as we help you lower the costs of printing and distribution, while reducing your agency's carbon footprint.

CiC is proud of its stellar track record in customer service and client retention. To put it simply, our clients value our services. And we value our clients. We are privileged to help the federal government meet missions that will impact the future of our country, and we are equally excited to help our commercial customers grow their business. That’s why we put everything we have into every step of the communication process, from research and planning to creative and technical development.

Give us a call. Present your challenge. Give CiC the opportunity to make a measurable impact on your future.

It's not about doing it. It's about getting it done.