Our Services

Social Outreach

CiC offers a turnkey social media solution that includes strategic planning, creative services, technical services, program analytics and predictive analytics. We plan and manage your program to optimize your social media presence and deliver results.

Mobile Marketing

Our technical and creative services combine to deliver mobile apps that entertain, inform and persuade. From iOS to Android, we are a platform-agnostic shop that will work with you to develop concepts, design, program and promote the mobile app that's right for you.

Search Marketing

Including both organic search engine optimization and paid search advertising, CiC offers a robust search solution that gets your site listed high on top search engines, driving visitors to your website or social media sites.

Digital Publishing

e-Books offer the opportunity to engage your audience like never before. CiC supplements the written word with interactive graphics, audio and video to give you a multimedia experience to inform and educate.


Give a program, service or special initiative a name, logo and tagline and watch it take on a life of its own. The CiC brand strategy team will work with you to define the brand, its look, feel and personality. Then you will work with our copywriters and designers to craft the perfect image to meet your goals.


CiC's full-service advertising solutions generate brand awareness, preference and action. Our media services team plans and buys the media package that fits your goals and extends your budget, our creative team creates dynamic video, audio, online and print ads that spotlight your brand, and our program team keeps your campaign strategically aligned with your advertising goals.

Virtual Education and Events

CiC's virtual education and events break down geographic barriers and deliver high-end event programming at a fraction of the cost of live events. Participants chat at booths, collect digital information, watch videos and listen to live speakers. The event is recorded and stays "live" so those who couldn’t make it on event day get the benefit of visiting.

Research and Analytics

CiC offers a full range of research and analytics to support strategic planning and performance evaluation. Our services include geo-demographic targeting to uncover markets and market attributes, qualitative research to understand opinions and attitudes, quantitative research to ascertain precise, statistically valid trends and web usability studies to dive deep into the behaviors of website visitors.

Media Planning and Buying

Our media team provides media planning and buying that produce quantifiable results, reaching your market online, in print, transit, movie theaters and broadcast. We handle all transactions and provide detailed reports on media performance.

Creative and Technical Services

CiC in-house creative and technical teams are ready to design and deliver communication solutions in every form of media. Our staff includes writers, designers, multimedia specialists, directors, producers, videographers, web developers and application developers, every creative and technical discipline you need for a robust communication solution.

Web Enterprise Solutions

CiC web enterprise solutions provide turnkey web development and management for all of your organization’s websites. We design, write, program and manage all internal and external websites, providing content management and technical support for the enterprise web environment.

Communications Strategy and Planning

Working with our research teams, our strategy teams listen to your communication challenge and forge a path to success. With deep strategic planning experience in every phase of communication, including messaging, media, branding and performance analytics, we build a solution that will create the results you need to succeed.