C4ISR and Cyber

State of the Art Technology

CACI supports our customers in the development of the infrastructure and application of joint C2 common user interfaces, which provide a single-entry point for service members to access C2 capabilities via the Internet and mobile handhelds. We maintain facilities to meet a broad spectrum of design, Agile development, integration, prototyping, and Low Rate Initial Production (LRIP) solutions in support of diverse C2 requirements.

For example, to address the growing threat posed by drones, CACI’s SkyTracker® Technology Suite is a sophisticated, award-winning, multi-phenomenology counter-unmanned aircraft system (C-UAS) solution that accurately and reliably detects, identifies, and tracks UAS threats in a non-attributable manner. CACI provides fixed site, on-the-move, and small form factor C-sUAS technologies. Our integrated system-of-systems approach, combined with our precision mitigation techniques, provides solutions necessary to counter evolving threats and protect critical national security assets.

CACI also designs, engineers, installs, and operates a full line of antennas, controls, power drive units, tracking down converters and receivers, and control and baseband systems for applications that support strategic and tactical communications requirements. Our teams are experienced with global satellite communications (SATCOM), baseband infrastructures, and technologies that enable our customers’ enterprise-class communications services. CACI teams also deliver leading secure mobile integrated communications systems.

Additionally, CACI manufactures custom, high-power, fiber-optic amplifiers for demanding U.S. government photonics applications. These optical amplifiers are designed to withstand the harshest military environments. Our custom modems for free-space optical communication systems accommodate a wide range of modulation formats and output powers, including onboard capabilities for forward-error correction, framing, and interleaving.

CACI’s Live Radio Access Network (LiveRAN™) – powered by SCALABLE Network Technologies – is a wireless network modeling and simulation solution. It is ideal for testing mobile devices, handsets, SCADA/ICS modems, and iOS and Android™ operating systems and applications that require a high level of fidelity.

CACI applies artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning techniques to enhance many of its C4ISR and Cyber capabilities. Our deep neural network frameworks have yielded outstanding results, including proven solutions for large-scale automation of object detection and classification for DoD and IC customers.