C4ISR and Cyber

Unmatched Expertise

CACI provides technical, engineering, and analysis support for system-of-systems engineering evaluations and field assessments. That support includes field support for our customers, anywhere from inside the United States to austere war zones. Our expertise includes design of experiments and related facilities, system and platform operational support, and live, virtual, and constructive testing and evaluation. We also have extensive experience with the design, development, integration, and sustainment of C2 systems. From traditional platform engineering and integration in large acquisition environments to rapid development of quick reaction capabilities, CACI offers proven results to meet the most demanding missions.

Our infrastructure and data security solutions, combined with secure engineering practices, are used to harden military and government systems to withstand attacks. And our systems ensure the functionality of mission-critical components, giving decision-makers the confidence to act decisively during cyberspace operations.

We also enable customers to conduct modeling and simulation exercises to prepare for many situations and environments. Our proven Agile approach to software development utilizes DevSecOps principles which provides effective, predictable, and affordable results in support of the development and sustainment of custom C2 software products. And CACI’s economical and fully representative network testbeds are available for analysis of any given portion of a network, whether for fixed infrastructure, tactical networking, or mobility networking.

Based on our extensive track record in network testing, we also apply advanced modeling solutions and simulation solutions that enable rigorous testing of complex, real-time embedded systems and components. Our Internet Research Lab (IRL) infrastructure allows our researchers to identify external threats and risks and supports the development of products, services, and solutions to defend against cyber-attacks.