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Naval Logistics Readiness Research Center

Officials at CACI International's Federal Division have launched the Naval Logistics Readiness Research Center (NLRRC). MCA Solutions and Temple University support the Center as CACI subcontractors.

The Navy has provided initial funding for the Center, where CACI and its subcontractors help identify opportunities to use commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software to meet the Navy's need to ensure the availability of repair parts and repair resources at a reduced cost.

Under the terms of the contract the NLRRC applies best practices in information technology integration, in addition to the latest academic theory on service and support, to deliver the optimal solutions for the Navy's supply chain challenges.

"COTS products provide a cost effective alternative to legacy systems," said Jeff Renard, Senior VP at CACI, in announcing the Center's launch. "Our goal for the Naval Logistics Readiness Research Center is to identify new, highly cost effective ways to use readily available solutions designed to reduce the total cost of ownership for the Navy's supply systems."

CACI directs the Center's research activities.

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