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MERBS Workstation, CRCS/CADS Features

MERBS Features

  • Project oriented process for wholesale levels and retail allowance computation
  • Links supply echelons (wholesale and retail) in sparing and allocation decisions
  • Considers impact of customer wait time and failures on customer performance
  • Integrates DLA requirements into the process
  • Considers numerous logistics elements, mission scenario and redundancy
  • Expands and contracts demand by NIIN considering out-year changes in population of applicable weapon systems
  • Links wholesale and simulation-based retail models to produce multi-echelon, multi-indenture, readiness-based allowances
  • Provides specified readiness for lowest cost or optimum readiness for specified funding

Fig. 7 MERBS Screenshot

Fig. 9 CRCS/CADS Features CRCS/CADS Features
  • Project oriented process for configuration management, rates update and allowance computation
  • Workflow manages each project type through series of events
  • Imports and integrates configuration data for aircraft, engines and GSE from multiple sources
  • Imports usage data, merges with configuration data to produce failure rates by A/C and site
  • Merges configuration and rates data to create candidate file, generate allowances and store historical data
  • Links wholesale and simulation based retail models to produce multi-echelon, multi-indenture, readiness-based allowances
  • Access is controlled and limited to secure user lists and passwords

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