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OMEGA Web Hosting
Business System Solutions

Secure, Scalable Support for Government Litigations

OMEGA was designed and developed specifically as a web-based document management system to support the unique needs of government litigation. This system provides authorized access to all scanned or electronically converted images via the Internet. It also offers collaboration tools such as calendars, reporting, file sharing, etc.

The system was developed to securely deliver the government's sensitive data directly over the Internet, to allow attorneys, experts, paralegals and other case related users to access the data from anywhere, including from home.

  • Utilizes Oracle 10g Database and Application servers
  • FIPS 140-2 compliant – including encryption on disk and in transmission
  • 508 compliant

Highly Scalable – Unlike other solutions, Oracle is highly scalable and can handle large volume web hosting requirements.

Highly Stable – Internal redundancy and automatic failover to a backup site.

Fast Response Time – 1.3 million documents can be searched in as few as eight seconds.

Secure Access

  • Tight control over user authentication via an Oracle's Internet Directory (OID) - a Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) server
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • User access to data is controlled via a role-based security model
  • Secure multi-client hosting

Client personnel determine which users re permitted access to the system and which collections/documents are accessible to each user. Auditing functionality provides detailed information about who is using the system, when they are using the system and for what purpose.

Image/Data Retrieval

Once logged into the system, users are able to search by project defined index data, full text data, as well as data captured during the process of scanning and electronic files processing.

In addition to standard field searching, users can execute more advanced searches using the Search Builder feature. This feature walks the user through the process of creating complex queries leveraging Oracle's Text capabilities to allow for the use of operators such as Stem, Soundex and Fuzzy searches.

Following the execution of a search the system returns a list of documents matching the specified search criteria. The users are able to navigate through the list to view the images, full text hits and associated data.

Additional Features

  • Smart Tag Lists – saves the criteria of a search dynamically, updating when records are loaded to the database and emailing user that new documents have been added to the Smart Tag List
  • Nested Searching – provides the ability to iteratively refine your search results
  • Native File Support
  • Local Batch Printing
  • Redaction capability without the need for plugins/applets
  • Highly Adaptable – data fields and the way information is displayed can be modified to meet the unique needs of individual projects

For more information contact

James Washburn - Functional Analyst, Principal

Henry Haynes - Director

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