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Maintenance Activity Cost Tracking System (MACTS)
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Remove the Barriers Between Comptrollers and Program Managers

Accurate and prompt fiscal information is a sign of successful financial management and a prerequisite to stretch a limited budget to meet a command's increased operational tempo. Whether answering headquarters information requests or supplying day to day funds status for internal managers, military comptrollers need accurate and current financial data.

Variety of customized user types from comptroller to query functions

Supports input and printing of various forms (can feed to STARS-FL)

Built-in point and click query system

The Maintenance Activity Cost Tracking System (MACTS) is an integrated cost tracking solution designed for that purpose. With program data from an operational interface to STARS-FL, MACTS provides a clear, timely financial status on all projects. This data simplifies the solution to complex reprogramming of funds or the evaluation of project expenditures. MACTS bridges the gap between a military Comptroller and Maintenance Project Managers.

MACTS is the prerequisite tool for prompt and accurate fiscal information regarding ship repair. It performs a number of tasks from answering information requests to supplying day to day funds status information.

MACTS performs the following tasks

  • Keeps all associated parties up to date on financial data - accurate and seamless data integration reported at real time speeds is an integral part of keeping everyone posted
  • Allows comptrollers and program managers to stay in control - MACTS simplifies the solution to complex reprogramming of funds and evaluation of project expenditures
  • Provides effective funds control and management - all information is delivered via a user specific system so only the most applicable data is transmitted. All data is relevant, decreasing decision time and increasing productivity.

MACTS was written for comptrollers and program managers to keep accurate database information for the management of maintenance projects. By focusing on this select group it makes comptrollers' and program managers' lives easier.

The general benefits of the application

  • Input material obligation data from other systems
  • Provide easy links to accounting software through the innovative primary feeder system
  • Built-in STARS-FL interface
  • Accept direct operating budgets and reimbursable authorizations
  • Perform flexible internal funds distribution
  • Rectify program costs with accounting numbers
  • Analyze production data with financial data
  • Get real time funds status
  • Use standard forms to guarantee consistency and compliance
  • Resolve problem transactions online and in real time
  • Control and manage funds control on a user specific level
  • Accommodate business growth
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