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FRMS - Managing Type Commander's Checkbook

The Challenge

The Navy's Type commanders could never find a system that provided a clear way to quickly access and report on the information needed to manage their funding.

Assistance Required

CACI developed a process that would slowly convert the past system to a new system based on Oracle. The new system was modeled and tested before it was run.


CACI converted a Clipper 5.0-based application to an Oracle-based system. It was then deployed at the three main type commands that manage the Pacific Fleet.

The comptrollers use this tool to manage and distribute funds and to validate the use of the appropriation. The tool identifies obligations that have not been met and creates all standard financial forms used when disbursing funds. FRMS is installed at COMNAVAIRPAC, COMNAVSURFPAC, COMSUBPAC and the Third Naval Construction Brigade.

This system contains working interfaces to two important legacy systems - STARS-FL and ATOS. STARS-FL is the DoD's general ledger program and is used to adjust the memorandum accounts maintained in FRMS. ATOS is a DoD-wide travel management system that supports memorandum accounting of travel budgets, assignment of document numbers and the production of travel orders and reports.

The FRMS development represented the restructuring of a legacy system and the migration of the legacy data to Oracle. To provide system clients with a suitable history for financial trend analyses CACI developed several cleansing processes and migrated six years of financial transactions from the legacy systems to the new system. We then developed processes that validated the transfer of the data.


FRMS provides budgetary assistance for military comptrollers. Currently the system manages an annual budget authority of $1.6B. This product demonstrates complete and thorough knowledge of the fiscal policies used to control spending for deployed and deployable activities.

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