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Financial Resources Management System (FRMS)

Automate Funds Management and Funds Distribution

A command travels as far as its appropriated funds take it. If a military comptroller does not have real time and accurate assessments of obligated funds that comptroller will not be able to accommodate changes in priorities or direction.

Graphical user interfaces parallel work flow

Naming conventions fully tailored to the customer

Full support of funding document production - printing, tracking, reconciliation

The Financial Resources Management System (FRMS) automates the management, dissemination, tracking and reporting of appropriated funds. With FRMS a military comptroller can react quickly to headquarters information demands and daily funds status requests from internal managers. As an updated, current and single data source, comptrollers can use FRMS to make tough decisions confidently and reprogram funds quickly. Through a built-in STARS-FL interface a military comptroller can use FRMS to track and release unobligated funds which stretches current dollars further.

Automate the management, dissemination and reporting of expenditures for military comptrollers with FRMS. By simplifying disbursement and funds tracking between parent and subordinate commands FRMS easily allows comptrollers and staff to

  • Provide current financial status - the account status reflects changes made with every disbursement
  • Receive instantaneous feedback - instantaneous calculations put the power in your hands. Preset formulae forestall math errors. On-screen warnings identify potential out-of-balance situations and over distributions.
  • Complete reports - FRMS creates succinct and clear funding reports that provide comprehensive management reporting.
  • Deliver forms quicker - automatically delivers standard forms including
    • NC 2168-1
    • NC 2275
    • NC 2276
    • DD 448
  • Track transactions across a command - integrated and comprehensive system places all records into a common format and eliminates duplicate spreadsheet records

Because FRMS was written specifically for comptrollers rote processes are automated and data is stored in a common repository. This architecture allows comptrollers to concentrate on solving difficult policy questions. FRMS helps comptrollers make better use of scarce monetary and staff assets. FRMS is a complete, off-the-shelf program to help manage military funds.

General Benefits

  • Built on an easy to use COTS foundation
  • Built-in Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
  • Built-in STARS-FL interface
  • Comprehensive, online help
  • Controls user access through embedded security
  • General architecture that supports web enabling
  • Intuitive, Windows-based graphical user interface
  • IT21 compliant
  • Reference data editor allows data exportability to any EXPO LIM holder
  • Supports multi-year tracking

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