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Approving Official (AO) / Reviewing Official (RO) – 3 Day Hands-on Training


Date Location Registration
Jan 15 - 17 San Diego, CA Register
Feb 05 - 07 Chesapeake, VA Register
Mar 12 - 14 Chesapeake, VA Register
Apr 03 - 05 San Diego, CA Register
Apr 09 - 11 Chesapeake, VA Register
Apr 30 - May 02 Chesapeake, VA Register
May 07 - 09 San Diego, CA Register
Jun 25 - 27 Chesapeake, VA Register


Date Location Registration
Nov 14 - 16 Chesapeake, VA Register
Dec 11 - 13 San Diego, CA Register
Dec 18 - 20 Chesapeake, VA Register


This 3 day Hands-on training course is designed for the Approving (AO) and Reviewing Officials (RO) in Defense Travel System (DTS).

The training includes an overview of the Defense Travel System (DTS) and Defense Travel Management Office (DTMO) website, resources, and training guides. The responsibilities of the travelers, Commercial Travel Office (CTO) / Travel Management Company (TMC), other routing officials and accountability of Approving Officials will be defined. The student will gain an understanding of how documents are created, adjusted, and approved. The policies and procedures contained in the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) and DoDI 5154.31 will be discussed throughout this course.

The training course concludes with helpful guides, Travel Assistance Center (TAC) contact information, Travel Explorer (TRAX), and a certificate of training.

Introduction and Overview

  • Administrative Remarks
  • Overview of Defense Travel System (DTS) Website
  • DTMO Resources
  • Joint Travel Regulations (JTR)
  • DoDI 5154.31
  • Financial Management Regulation (FMR)

Traveler and Approving Official (AO) Responsibilities

  • Travelers Entitlements
  • Travelers Responsibilities
  • Approving Official Responsibilities
  • Common Mistakes
    • Traveler and Approving Official

Routing Process

  • Stamping Process
  • CTO/TMC Process
  • Routing Official Expectations

Document Processing

  • Updates to Personal Profile
  • Create an Authorization – Enterprise Web Training System (EWTS)
    • Airline Reservations
    • Car Rental
    • Lodging (Government, Commercial and Preferred)
  • Non-Mileage and Mileage Expenses
  • Per Diem Entitlements
  • Substantiating Records
  • Line of Accounting (Shared and X-ORG)
  • Additional Options
    • Advances and Partial Payments
  • Constructed Travel
  • Review/Sign
    • Other Authorizations
    • Pre-Audits
    • Digital Signature
  • Printing the Orders

Approval Process

  • Overview
  • Substantiating Records
    • Mandatory Receipts
    • Constructed Travel
  • Document History
  • Other Authorizations
  • Pre-Audits
  • Adjustments
  • Cancellation Procedures
  • Digital Signature

Amendments and Cancellation Procedures

  • Amending a Document
  • Cancellation Procedures


  • Create a Voucher from Authorization
  • Update the Itinerary
  • Edit Expenses
  • Per Diem Entitlements
  • Review Payment Totals
  • Personal Profile Changes
  • Substantiating Records
  • Pre-Audits


  • Reports Scheduler

Travel Policy Compliance 

Travel Assistance Center

  • TRAX registration
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