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Organization Defense Travel Administration (ODTA)

The students will experience in-depth hands-on training by editing organization information, self-registration, people profile maintenance, and routing lists. This training concentrates on using the DTA maintenance tool, as well as the roles and responsibility of the traveler, Non-DTS Entry Agent, Travel Clerk, Routing Officials, Approving Officials and Defense Travel Administrators of DTS. The student will gain an understanding of how documents are created, adjusted, and approved. Policies and procedures contained in the Joint Travel Regulation (JTR) and DoDI 5154.31 will be discussed throughout this course. A full day is dedicated to document processing of authorizations, vouchers and the approval process.

The training course concludes with reports, helpful guides, system and policy changes regarding travel and Travel Explorer.

Introduction and Overview

  • Administrative Remarks
  • Overview of DTS System
  • Introduction to Permission Levels and Access – Separations of Duties
  • Resources and Training Materials – Defense Travel Management Office
  • Business Rules

Part 1 – Administrative Setup


  • Self-Registration Demonstration


  • Review/Create User Records
  • Maintain Users: Update, Reassign, Detach, Delete, Receive
  • Multiple Profiles
  • Practical Exercise – People

Routing List

  • Create Routing Lists for an Organization
  • Update, Globally Edit
  • CTO Process
  • Practical Exercise

Lines of Accounting and Budget

  • Demonstration of Lines of Accounting
    • Sharing
    • Cross Org Funding
  • Viewing the Budget Reports

DoD Travel Policies and Procedures

  • Joint Travel Regulation (JTR)
  • DoDI 5154.31
  • Travel Policy Compliancy Tool
  • Travelers Entitlements
  • Travelers Responsibilities
  • Approving Official Responsibilities
  • Integrated Lodging Program Pilot (ILLP)
  • Debt

Part 2 – Document Processing

Document Processing

  • Updates to Personal Profile
  • Create an Authorization – Enterprise Web Training System (EWTS)
    • Airline Reservations
    • Car Rental
    • Lodging (Government, Commercial and Preferred)
  • Non-Mileage and Mileage Expenses
  • Per Diem Entitlements
  • Substantiating Records
  • Line of Accounting (Shared and X-ORG)
  • Additional Options
    • Advances and Partial Payments
  • Constructed Travel
  • Review/Sign
    • Other Authorizations
    • Pre_Audits
    • Digital Signatures
  • Printing the Orders

Approval Process

  • Overview
  • Substantiating Records
    • Mandatory Receipts
    • Constructed Travel
  • Document History
  • Other Authorizations
  • Pre-Audits
  • Adjustments
  • Cancellation Procedures
  • Digital Signature

Amendments and Cancellation Procedures

  • Amending a Document
  • Cancellation Procedures


  • Create a Voucher from Authorization
  • Update Itinerary
  • Edit Expenses,
  • Per Diem Entitlements
  • Review Payment Totals
  • Personal Proflie Changes
  • Substantiating Records
  • Pre-Audits


  • Report Scheduler
  • Changes and System Issues

Help Desk – Travel Explorer (TRAX)

  • Travel Certification Program (TCP)
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