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Debt Management Monitor (DMM) - 3 Day Hands-On Training


Date Location Registration
May 21 - 23 Chesapeake, VA Register
Aug 13 - 15 Chesapeake, VA Register
Dec 3 - 5 Chesapeake, VA Register

This training course is designed to assist the Financial Defense Travel Administrator (FDTA) in tracking, processing, and recording debt incurred by travelers within Defense Travel System (DTS), using the Debt Management Monitor (DMM) Gateway.

Subject matter experts will provide over the shoulder training, field questions and assist the DMM in navigation of the gateway. The training course concludes with guidance on how to mitigate future debt, helpful guides, Travel Assistance Center (TAC) contact information, Travel Explorer (TRAX), and a certificate of training.

Introduction and Overview

  • Administrative Remarks
  • Overview of DTS System and DMM
  • Introduction to DMM Guidelines  
  • Manuals and Resources
  • Establishing Debt
    • How does the debt occur
    • Actions taken by the Traveler and the AO
    • Post Approval Actions
  • Debts of $10.00 or less

Managing the Debt – DMM Gateway

  • Traveler and AO Responsibilities
  • DMM Responsibilities
  • Understanding the DMM Gateway
    • Due Process
    • Debt Look up
    • Action Required
    • Awaiting Response
    • All Debt

Initiating Debt Collection, Waivers and Appeals

  • Advice of Collection
  • Over Collections
  • Manual Collections
  • Waivers and Appeals
  • Regulations and Procedures
  • Payroll Collection
    • Active Duty, Reservist, Civilian and Marines
  • De-Scheduling Automated Collections
  • Pay.Gov Processes

Out of Service Debt

  • OSS process
  • Write-off process

DMM Reports

Problem Solving

  • Past Debts/Rejects
  • Known Systems Issues

Travel Assitance Center/Travel Explorer

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